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Ninja tricks in top!

One of our senior MySQL DBAs, Mike Hamrick, wasn’t feeling well this week and so stayed home from the office.  Instead of actually resting, produced this video about reading top output!  I leave it to you all to watch and learn from our local tool tip pro.

And, feel better Mike!

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Recovering a Schema From InnoDB .frm Files

Sometimes you find yourself in a bad situation where your only hope of recovering your InnoDB data lies in a handful of .frm and .ibd data files that were heretofore part of a working MySQL installation. It could be the case that someone thought backing up InnoDB tables was simply a matter of of copying the .ibd and .frm files somewhere safe. That mostly works for MyISAM files right? Perhaps your system table space (ibdata1) became corrupted or was accidently deleted. Whatever the reason, you have a handful of .frm and .ibd files, and what you want is them imported into a functioning database.

The basics of how to do this are not too hard to understand, it’s the details that get tricky. The first part of this problem is how to extract the table definition from the .frm files. I’ll cover the second part of the problem in another post. You could write a program that reads and parses the .frm file and outputs the table definition, but …

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