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MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part I

In this two-part blog series, we will explain the details and functionality of a High Availability (HA) framework for MySQL hosting using MySQL semisynchronous replication and the Corosync plus Pacemaker stack. In Part I, we’ll walk you through the basics of High Availability, the components of an HA framework, and then introduce you to the HA framework for MySQL.

What is High Availability?

The availability of a computer system is the percentage of time its services are up during a period of time. It’s generally expressed as a series of 9′s. For example, the table below shows availability and the corresponding downtime measured over one year.

Availability %
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MySQL 5.6.25 Overview and Highlights

MySQL 5.6.25 was recently released (it is the latest MySQL 5.6, is GA), and is available for download here.

For this release, there are 2 “Functionality Added or Changed” items of note:

  • Functionality Added/Changed: MySQL distributions now include an innodb_stress suite of test cases. Thanks to Mark Callaghan for the contribution. (Bug #76347)
  • Functionality Added/Changed: my_print_defaults now masks passwords. To display passwords in cleartext, use the new –show option.

In addition to those, there were 55 other bug fixes:

  • 10 InnoDB
  •   8 Replication
  •   3 Partitioning (one overlaps w/ an InnoDB bug fix)
  • 35 Miscellaneous (and 6 of …
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