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Trusting mysqldump and Insecure MySQL Client Lead to Remote Code Execution

Yes, you read this correctly: because the MySQL client is insecure and allows running arbitrary commands, and because mysqldump blindly trusts the server it is dumping from, a hostile MySQL Server on which mysqldump is executed could trigger arbitrary command execution (also known as a remote code execution).  This post raises awareness on this vulnerability and shows how a secure MySQL

Database testing for all version changes (including minor versions)

We know that SQL statement compatibility can change with major database version upgrades and that you should adequately test for them. But what about minor version upgrades?

It is dangerous to assume that your existing SQL statements work with a minor update, especially when using an augmented version of an open-source database such as a cloud provider that may not be as transparent about all changes.

While I have always found reading the release notes an important step in architectural principles over the decades, many organizations skip over this principle and get caught off guard when there are no dedicated DBAs and architects in the engineering workforce.

Real-world examples of minor version upgrade issues

Here are two real-world situations common in the AWS RDS ecosystem using MySQL.

  1. You are an organization that uses RDS Aurora MySQL for its production systems, and you upgrade one minor version …
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Troubleshooting Common MySQL Performance Issues

MySQL databases serve as the foundation of countless applications, powering everything from simple blogs to massive enterprise platforms. But as these applications evolve and user bases expand, MySQL performance issues tend to pop up and ensuring smooth database performance becomes crucial. Fast queries mean happy users, while sluggish performance can lead to frustration and lost […]

Partial Data Archiving and Schema Change

Starting from Percona Toolkit 3.6.0, pt-online-schema-change supports the option –where, so you can not only alter your table definition live but copy only rows that satisfy certain criteria. It may happen that you may not need to copy all the data when changing table definition. For example, if the table is too big and you […]

Are you patching your AWS RDS MySQL 5.7 EOL databases?

Recently, I noticed a second AWS RDS MySQL 5.7 version available 5.7.44-rds.20240408. Curious what this was as 5.7.44 is the only RDS 5.7.x EOL version available, I launched an instance to discount this as errant metadata.

Today I noticed a second version 5.7.44-rds.20240529. I do not run a MySQL 5.7 AWS RDS instance or pay the AWS Extended Support tax, so I would not receive any notices or recommendations that customers may be receiving.

Image generated by ChatGPT. Mistakes left as a reminder genAI is not there yet for text.

I needed to do some searching before I found a reference here and then this …

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Galera Cluster works on Oracle Linux

We recently had a customer request to run Galera Cluster on Oracle Linux. We are pleased to tell you that you can use the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 repositories: for the latest Galera Cluster with MySQL 8 and the wsrep library.

It is worth noting that while it is difficult to find an Oracle Linux image in many cloud providers, there is Oracle Cloud that offers Oracle Linux as a default. However, remember that if you are using Oracle Cloud, you still have to configure the firewalls, etc. to ensure that Galera network traffic can still pass between the nodes.

If using Oracle Cloud, we picked this image: Oracle-Linux-8.9-2024.05.29-0.

uname -a
Linux instance-20240611-1345 5.15.0-206.153.7.el8uek.x86_64 #2 SMP …
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RFC: Database / Schema in the Slow Query Log File

A month ago, I announced that I am working on a MySQL Contribution to add database / schema in the slow query log file (bug report, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and MySQL Community Slack).  My contribution is ready, and before submitting it, I would like feedback, so I am writing this post as a Request for Comments (RFC).  If you are in a hurry, you can go directly to the RFC Fake PR.&

Can Oracle Save MySQL?

I got quite a response to my article on whether Oracle is Killing MySQL, including a couple of great write-ups on The Register (1, 2)  on the topic.  There are a few questions in this discussion that I think are worth addressing.  AWS and other cloud vendors compete, without giving anything back, what else would […]

Resume Your Failed pt-online-schema-change Job

Starting from Percona Toolkit 3.6.0, you can resume pt-online-schema-change if it was interrupted. This blog describes the prerequisites and usage of the new –resume option. To restart the job, you need to know where it failed. This is why the first option you must use is –history. It instructs pt-online-schema-change to store its progress in […]

Sakila, Where Are You Going?

At Percona, we monitor our users’ needs and try to accommodate them. One aspect we monitor is the MySQL version distribution/utilization. Observing that, we identified a very interesting trend: the lack of migration from 5.7 to 8.x, or better yet, the need of many to remain on 5.7.  That observation has triggered several actions from […]

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