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451 CAOS Links 2010.11.05

Oracle increases MySQL pricing. Jono Bacon wants some respect. And more.

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# Oracle increased the prices for MySQL and rejigged its editions.

# A good overview of the resulting MySQL pricing hubbub from @tiensoon

# SkySQL named first customers in open letter to Oracle MySQL customers.

# Actuate reported over $5.1m in BIRT-related business for Q3, up …

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Kontrollsoft is on Facebook – become a fan

Do you want to stay updated with the social news and technical discussions of Kontrollbase and Kontrollsoft’s MySQL software applications? Well, you can now by adding us to your friend list. Our Facebook page can be found here:

Forums are for sissies. The next thing is Twitter

Once upon a time, if you had a problem with, say, Perl, you went to a forum, checked the forum rules, signed up, and asked a question, which eventually would get you an answer. Then you had a problem with MySQl, and you went to another forum, and asked a different question.

A forum for each topic is tiresome. Someone made an improvement, and then you have forums where you can ask pretty much anything.
But also that is not as general purpose as the concept of LazyWeb. When you need help, you just want to stand up and ask.

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Facebook: From 0 to 100 in less than 24h

Three weeks ago, I started my sporadic series of blog posts where I share my experiences improving my online manners through social networking websites, many of which are powered by MySQL. My first target was the traveller site Dopplr, and the second one was Google’s picture sharing site Picasa Web.

This time, I’m taking a look at Facebook. As I said in the first (Dopplr related) blog post, I feel like a slow follower in the discipline of social networking on the web. And Facebook was a true case in point, where “everybody else” was there before me (my team, my boss, my aunt, my nephew, my goddaughter, countless colleagues; you get the picture).

Actually, …

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Picasa Web: Sharing pictures, in particular for blogs

Yesterday, I started my sporadic series of blog posts where I share my experiences improving my online manners through social networking websites, many of which are powered by MySQL. My first target was the traveller site Dopplr, and this time, it’s Google’s picture sharing site Picasa Web.

My starting point is the same: “Everyone else” among colleagues and friends was there long before me, and I feel like a latecomer. I want to go in, do what seems to be the right thing, and share the observations I had. And everything within the time constraint of not being able to do a full evaluation, as I obviously have other things to do as well.

Unlike Dopplr, starting with Picasa Web never required invitations. My first exposure to Picasa was through …

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Dopplr: Joining the Social Network for Travellers

MySQL powers many of the social networks of Web 2.0. While it’s great that we constitute one of the tools of Web 2.0, we should also ourselves utilise the tools Web 2.0 provides for social networking. Comparing myself to colleagues, I feel like a slow follower in this discipline. “Everybody else” is already on Twitter, has hundreds and hundreds of contacts on LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook, puts their pics on Picasa and Flickr, bookmarks their pages on, and has fancy blogs that are registered everywhere. Myself, I have been half-heartedly entering contacts into LinkedIn, I have mismanaged my …

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Notes from Structure 08, Velocity and Graphing Social Patterns East

I attended several events in June of this year including Graphing Social Patterns East, Velocity and Structure 08. At each of these events, I tried to take some notes and posted them to my personal blog. I received a few pings from readers of this blog to point them to a list of these posts. It took some time but here is the list of my notes. In some cases, I have linked directly to the presentation files.

High-performance Ajax Applications: Julien Lecomte (Yahoo!) talked about how to …

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Web Developer / Graphic Designer Job Openings

Currently, there are several great opportunities with exciting companies available in the New York area. If you're a rock star Java/PHP/Ruby developer or a pixel-obsessed designer, contact me at your earliest convenience.

Web Developer:

Give Real is a well-funded startup in the midst of an exciting period of growth and success. Our technology uses a patent pending platform that combines the ubiquity of credit card transactions and the power of social networks to create a new gifting experience.

Our primary platform is Rails, but there are programming challenges that range from SOAP APIs to Facebook application development. We are searching for full-time developers with expertise and broad experience in:

* Ruby on Rails (we also use rSpec, Starling, Memcache)
* xHTML & CSS, and comfort with Javascript
* Team development with tools like Git & Trac

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Maatkit on Ohloh

Sheeri wrote a post (now a 404 error) referring to Maatkit on Ohloh, which I have never heard of before. I took a look at what Ohloh thinks about Maatkit. It's kind of neat. Beyond just the obvious "social website" stuff that's all the rage these days, it actually looks at the project's SVN history, analyzes the codebase, and so on.

It also estimates 8 person-years of work have gone into the project, and says that at $55,000/year it would cost $450,702 to write the code as it currently exists, which is kind of funny. It took me a whole lot less than 8 years to write. (Perhaps this is why that salary strikes me as unrealistic).

It has a couple of other interesting things, like a visual timeline of source …

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A (round-about) story about Jeffry P. Bezos

The following is what i wrote on “” about the boss. I thought it was worth keeping in my own archives, since it’s actually a story about my life as it pertains to Mr. Bezos.

Back a few years ago, I was taking some classes down in Edmonds. The one I’m thinking of in particular was on the care and feeding of unix. We were using red hat linux 6.0 or some crufty version that wasn’t so crufty at the time.

Anyway, the prof didn’t require that we buy any books, but he made some suggestions. And he also suggested that we buy them on this new fangled “Internet” thing through a few of his friends down south in Seattle at this place called

And thus was my introduction to O’Reilly and Associates. I soon thereafter bought a book called “ …

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