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OpenSQL Camp Boston 2010

Sheeri and others are organizing another incarnation of OpenSQL Camp in October in Boston. You ought to go! It’s relevant to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and lots of the newer generation of databases — MongoDB, Cassandra, and so on.

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MySQL Community Member of the Year

MySQL just gave me an award at this morning’s keynote, along with Sheeri Kritzer Cabral (for the second year in a row!) and Diego Medina, for my code contributions to the MySQL community, specifically Maatkit, which makes it easier to make MySQL reliable, fast, and robust. It’s an honor to be recognized. And while I could leave it at that, I’d like to say a word or two more.

The economy, community, and ecosystem that’s building around Free Software can often be very rewarding financially. This is a great motivation; being rewarded for your efforts is one of the chief virtues of a culture of entrepreneurship, along with the idea that to try and fail is just as noble as to succeed. But I find that isn’t enough. If I were only rewarded financially and with recognitions such as this morning’s, I would quickly become bankrupt at a …

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How good is the new High Performance MySQL going to be?

Well, if my perfectionist nature were allowed to run free, and if Peter et al's encyclopedic knowledge were somehow all transferred to paper, the second edition of High Performance MySQL would end up being the perfect encyclopedia of MySQL performance. But as it is, you're apparently going to have to settle for "very good." This quote by Sheeri Kritzer Cabral, one of our tech reviewers, really made my day:

I gotta hand it to Peter, Vadim, Arjen, and Baron. They know how to write a book!

And now I must begin a solid weekend of revisions... wish me luck!

Maatkit on Ohloh

Sheeri wrote a post (now a 404 error) referring to Maatkit on Ohloh, which I have never heard of before. I took a look at what Ohloh thinks about Maatkit. It's kind of neat. Beyond just the obvious "social website" stuff that's all the rage these days, it actually looks at the project's SVN history, analyzes the codebase, and so on.

It also estimates 8 person-years of work have gone into the project, and says that at $55,000/year it would cost $450,702 to write the code as it currently exists, which is kind of funny. It took me a whole lot less than 8 years to write. (Perhaps this is why that salary strikes me as unrealistic).

It has a couple of other interesting things, like a visual timeline of source …

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