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Joomla! and MySQL 8.0.12

As other CMS using MySQL and PHP, Joomla! is not yet 100% ready to work with MySQL 8.0 out of the box.

I’ve been contacted by Brian Teeman to give my opinion and some tips… so here is the blog post

@lefred If you could offer some advice on this #joomla #mysql 8 issue it would be appreciated

— ((( Brian Teeman ))) (@brianteeman) …

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New! Cloud-based MySQL Database Monitoring from Monitis

New feature provides significantly faster insight and root cause analysis

SAN JOSE, Calif., February, 15, 2012Monitis, the leading cloud and web application monitoring software provider, today announces that it has added comprehensive MySQL database monitoring to its award-winning Application Performance Management & Monitoring platform. The robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool enables users to gain significantly faster insight when conducting root cause analysis.

The MySQL monitoring feature includes 246 monitoring variables and more than 21 different metrics to provide one of the easiest to use, yet comprehensive database monitoring tools available. It was first introduced into the free Monitor.Us platform back in June last year and has seen the code battle hardened by many hundred free users over the last 8 months.

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451 CAOS Links 2011.01.11

Black Duck acquires Olliance Group. Funding for Zend and PHP Flog. And more.

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# Black Duck Software acquired Olliance Group.

# Viola Private Equity invested $7m in Zend Technologies.

# PHP Fog raised $1.8m from Madrona Venture Group, First Round Capital, Founder’s Co-op, and other angel investors.

# The proposal for CPTN Holdings to acquire Novell’s patents has …

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Using MySQL Workbench to manage your Joomla component’s db schema

MySQL Workbench is a great tool for developers to map out and visualise databases. What many people know is that it’s also a great way to make upgrading and writing upgrade scripts for your components really painless too.

Let’s say you created a small component that became popular over night. Tens of thousands of downloads from on the Joomla Extensions Directory. So you get inspired and put some more work into improving and bugfixing this component even more, and while doing that you change and add on to the database schema.

Now you need to create and distribute an update script with the next version of your component, and MySQL Workbench makes creating this update script really easy. Here is what you need to do:

Install MySQL Workbench

I’ll not help you with this. Just go to the MySQL Workbench homepage and follow the instructions from there. …

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The Joomla database schema smells

Back in 2006 I was a member of the standards and guidelines workgroup in Joomla, and during my involvement there I produced the Joomla 1.5 database schema as a DB Designer EER diagram, so people could view the database in a visual way. I recently also set up the Joomla 1.6 database schema, this time using MySQL Workbench which is a better tool for the job, and also GPL and available on multiple platforms. During my work with setting up the 1.6 schema, I came across lots of oddities and lacks of normalization, and a severe lack of naming conventions and guidelines became obvious.

Improvement suggestions

I have listed a few of these below, and please add comments to this post if you find some of your own or you disagree with me, and …

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Joomla 1.6 database schema

As some might remember I made a visual representation of the Joomla 1.5 database schema back in 2006. I have now set up an EER representation of the Joomla 1.6 database schema too, that you can download for free. This schema was made after the 1.6 beta 2 release, and it was built using MySQL Workbench, which is both GPL and available as a free download for multiple platforms.

First of all: If you find any errors in this schema, make sure you leave a comment for me at the bottom. Because of the lack of conventions for naming primary key columns, I am left to do a lot of guesswork here when drawing up table relations, so there may be errors. Pretty much the only table …

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Tilting at Windows. Why rejecting Microsoft’s OSS contributions is counter-productive

Or: “Don’t be a Cnut.”

Yesterday I had a look at the response of the Joomla! community to the news that Microsoft had signed the Joomla! Contributor Agreement and was contributing code to the content management project.

You probably won’t be surprised to find that some people don’t like the idea. The speed and vehemence of their rejection of Microsoft’s involvement in the project is entirely predictable, but none the less depressing for that.

The usual complaints were rolled out:

you can’t trust Microsoft

when Microsoft contributes a major product to open source, we’ll listen Microsoft is only doing this to sell more proprietary software

Taking those in reverse order: yes Microsoft is doing this to encourage Joomla developers to use Windows. Just as IBM supports Linux to …

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451 CAOS Links 2010.04.27

VMware and launch VMforce. Red Hat provides Cloud Access. And more.

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# VMware and launched VMforce, a platform for developing and deploying Java cloud applications.

# Red Hat Cloud Access enables enterprises to use their Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription on Amazon Web Services.

# Canonical announced Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Edition, Desktop Edition and ISV support.

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451 CAOS Links 2010.01.15

VMware confirms Zimbra buy. Facebook sponsors Apache Foundation. And more.

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For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

# VMware confirmed its acquisition of Zimbra from Yahoo.

# Facebook became a gold sponsor of the Apache Foundation and outlined its …

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Joomla Day Brisbane

After the morning and afternoon tutorials today by Andrew Eddie (Joomla dev lead), tomorrow is Joomla Day - Brisbane Joomla Users Group where I’ll be doing talk as well.

I’ve already noticed that Joomla users are a slightly different crowd. Joomla is a pretty powerful CMS with many modules/extensions, just like Drupal which runs the Open Query web site. I’m not sure the two even compete directly although there might be some overlap. It occurred to me that Joomla might be what I would call an “enabling technology” on the web, just like PHP and MySQL have been since 1995. It has a very easy entry, which of course is both good as well as bad. Again that’s quite similar to the M and the P…. love it or hate it.

I’m kinda agnostic on the subject of CMSses, there’s quite a few out there and I think that most of the …

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