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451 CAOS Links 2010.04.27

VMware and launch VMforce. Red Hat provides Cloud Access. And more.

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# VMware and launched VMforce, a platform for developing and deploying Java cloud applications.

# Red Hat Cloud Access enables enterprises to use their Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription on Amazon Web Services.

# Canonical announced Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Edition, Desktop Edition and ISV support.

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MySQL Conference, Day 3

The day started out with 3 keynotes: Brian Aker, Michael Widenius, and Sheeri Cabral.

Brian gave his "The Drizzle Story" talk, which I tweeted via @drizzledb. Then Monty spoke about about Monty Program AB and MariaDB, which is his continuing work on his fork of MySQL. Following them both was an excellent talk from Sheeri about how the community interaction model will continue to work in this Oracle era.

I went to my employer's Gear6's session done with Answers is a top 20 web site, and is the 2nd fastest growing one, after Facebook. It was fun to see their performance and scaling numbers, and how they are using Gear6's memcached product, especially how two 1U G6 boxes replaced an entire rack of 20 2U memcached servers.

I also really enjoyed the Facebook operations session, and also …

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Interviewed by Scoble about Gear6 Memcached

Yesterday, while at the MySQL Conference, I was interviewed by Robert Scoble about my employer, Gear6 and our product, an enterprise memcached distribution.

451 CAOS Links 2010.04.13

600 new customers for SugarCRM. James Gosling leaves Oracle. And more.

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# SugarCRM added nearly 600 customers in the first quarter of 2010.

# James Gosling resigned from Oracle.

# VMware’s SpringSource acquired Rabbit Technologies and its RabbitMQ messaging software.

# EnterpriseDB hired Sun’s former MySQL VP Karen Tegan Padir as vice president of products and marketing.

# …

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MySQL+Memcached is still the workhorse

(originally posted at the Gear6 corporate blog: MySQL+Memcached is still the workhorse.  Please comment there.)

Because I'm becoming known as someone who knows something about "this whole NoSQL thing", people have started asking me to take a look at some of their systems or ideas, and tell them which NoSQL technology they should use.

To be fair, it is a confusing space right now, there are a LOT of NoSQL technologies showing up, and there is a lot of buzz from the tech press, and in blogs and on twitter.  Most of that buzz is, frankly, ignorant and uninformed, and is being written by people who do not have enough experience running live systems.

A couple of times already, someone has described an application or concept to me, and asked "So, should I use Cassandra, or CouchDB, or what?"

And I look …

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Catching up with Mark Atwood on memcached

I had an opportunity to catch up with Mark Atwood last week to discuss his new role at Gear6 and some of the interesting developments currently going on around memcached, including Gearman integration and its suitability for cloud computing environments.

451 CAOS Links 2009.11.13

Symbian’s future in the balance? All Go for Chrome OS. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

Symbian’s future in the balance?
The H reported that Samsung is to abandon Symbian in favour of Windows Mobile, Android and the new Samsung bada OS, while Samsung later denied that …

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Free Webinar: Memcached and MySQL for Rapidly Scaling High Traffic Websites

For those interested in learning "how it gets done", Raj Narayan - Director of Operations at Glam Media will be talking about how they evolved their infrastructure in route to becoming the 2nd fastest growing US-based web property in 2008. MySQL and Memcached proved to be critical pieces of infrastructure and continue to serve nearly half a billion hits per day. This is a free webinar taking place Thursday, November 12, 2009: 10:00 Pacific time (America) hosted by MySQL and Gear6, register here.

451 CAOS Links 2009.04.14

Refining the Beekeeper model. Investment opportunities. Schooner, Gear6 and Virident line up memcached appliances. The launch of the Open Source Channel Alliance. Is source code necessary? And more.

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Of bees and trees
We noted last week that James Dixon, CTO of Pentaho, had updated his Beekeeper model for understanding the commercial-community relationships employed by vendors to engage with open source. Roberto Galoppini quickly followed up with some feedback, as did Tarus …

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