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Joomla Day Brisbane

After the morning and afternoon tutorials today by Andrew Eddie (Joomla dev lead), tomorrow is Joomla Day - Brisbane Joomla Users Group where I’ll be doing talk as well.

I’ve already noticed that Joomla users are a slightly different crowd. Joomla is a pretty powerful CMS with many modules/extensions, just like Drupal which runs the Open Query web site. I’m not sure the two even compete directly although there might be some overlap. It occurred to me that Joomla might be what I would call an “enabling technology” on the web, just like PHP and MySQL have been since 1995. It has a very easy entry, which of course is both good as well as bad. Again that’s quite similar to the M and the P…. love it or hate it.

I’m kinda agnostic on the subject of CMSses, there’s quite a few out there and I think that most of the …

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