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Getting familiar with TokuDB part 2.

Last time I was checked, how can TokuDB be used as a drop in replacement of InnoDB. The first impressions were jolly good; way less disk space usage, and the TokuDB host can be a part of the current replication cluster.

So far so good.

Well, actually not everything is that nice, because there is a very big part of infrastructure is built on the top of xtrabackup.

So let’s see what can we do backing up TokuDB.

The first and most clean way should be the mysqldump utility, but sadly this is not really useful for us, the restore process could be take too many time, because a lot of indexes has to be rebuilt.

So we need to take binary backups. Sadly TokuDB currently offers only tokudbhotbackup for hot backup which is a part of the enterprise feature set. Sadly that seems not opensource (yet!), but I hope Percona will change that soon.

Until that the following things are sure: xtrabackup cannot …

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Getting familiar with TokuDB part 1.

After TokuDB was announced as a new storage engine for MySQL , it made me very curious, but I didn’t tried it out until now.

I try to check it from different aspects and I’ll be blog it step by step. I don’t do any serious benchmarking, just play with it, and see if it could be fit into Kinja’s MySQL ecosystem.

I use one of our development servers as a TokuDB playground. Sadly that hardware is not the same as the database masters nor as the slaves, so performance tests couldn’t be made on that piece of metal but many other ways are open to do this.

I’ve installed the tokudb plugin from the Percona repository. The setup was quite easy and fast, the documentation is nice.

I decided to leave all the MyISAM tables as – is but convert all the InnoDB tables to TokuDB. To achive this, I’ve did the …

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Tokutek now part of the Percona family

It is my pleasure to announce that Percona has acquired Tokutek and will take over development and support for TokuDB® and TokuMX™ as well as the revolutionary Fractal Tree® indexing technology that enables those products to deliver improved performance, reliability and compression for modern Big Data applications.

At Percona we have been working with the Tokutek team since 2009, helping to improve performance and scalability. The TokuDB storage engine has been available for Percona Server for about a year, so joining forces is quite a natural step for us.

Fractal Tree indexing technology—developed by years of data science research at MIT, Stony Brook University and Rutgers University—is the new generation data structure which, for many workloads, leapfrogs traditional B-tree technology which was invented in 1972 (over 40 years ago!).  It is also often superior to LSM indexing, especially for mixed workloads.

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Increasing Cloud Database Efficiency – Like Crows in a Closet

In Mo’ Data, Mo’ Problems, we explored the paradox that “Big Data” projects pose to organizations and how Tokutek is taking an innovative approach to solving those problems. In this post, we’re going to talk about another hot topic in IT, “The Cloud,” and how enterprises undertaking Cloud efforts often struggle with idea of “problem trading.” Also, for some reason, databases are just given a pass as traditionally “noisy neighbors” and that there is nothing that can be done about it. Lets take a look at why we disagree.

With the birth of the information age came a coupling of business and IT. Increasingly strategic business projects and objectives were reliant on information infrastructure to provide information storage and retrieval instead of paper and filing cabinets. This was the dawn of the database and what gave rise to companies like Oracle, Sybase and MySQL. With the appearance of true Enterprise Grade …

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TokuDB Table Optimization Improvements

Section I: Fractal Tree and Optimization Overview
Tokutek’s Fractal Tree® technology provides fast performance by injecting small messages into buffers inside the Fractal Tree index. This allows writes to be batched, thus eliminating I/O that is required in traditional B-tree indexes for every operation. Additional background information on how Fractal Trees operate can be found in Zardosht Kasheff’s blog entitled, TokuMX Fractal Tree Indexes, What Are They? Don’t be thrown off by the title, Fractal Tree Indexes access data in the same way for TokuDB as they do for TokuMX.

For tables whose workload pattern is a high number of sequential deletes, some operational maintenance is required to ensure consistently fast performance.  If this is not done, delete messages and garbage can exist in the Fractal …

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Operationalizing TokuDB

In my previous post, I talked about implementing multi-threaded replication (MTR) using Percona Server 5.6. The server pairs that are utilizing MTR are also exclusively using the TokuDB storage engine.

I find TokuDB to be a fascinating engine. I can tell I will need to re-watch our Dbhangops session where Tim Callaghan talked about the differences between B-Tree and Fractal Tree indexes. There’s also a session on how compression works in …

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Multithreaded Replication to the Rescue

Recently, I set up several new database pairs for our backend search team to use. After bringing them online, the search team began backfilling data by writing to the A-side. A bit later, I noticed that replication had started falling behind, maxing out at ~1000 inserts/second.

There isn’t too much unusual about these servers. They run Percona Server 5.6.19 to take advantage of the TokuDB storage engine option that Percona now offers. The schema is sharded into many databases, so each database (db1, db2, db3) has the same schema, but different data in the tables. With SSD backed storage, it seemed most likely …

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Percona Server 5.6.22-72.0 is now available

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Server 5.6.22-72.0 on February 6, 2015. Download the latest version from the Percona web site or from the Percona Software Repositories.

Based on MySQL 5.6.22, including all the bug fixes in it, Percona Server 5.6.22-72.0 is the current GA release in the Percona Server 5.6 series. Percona Server is open-source and free – and …

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TokuDB Hot Backup Now a MySQL Plugin

In the recently released TokuDB 7.5.5 the implementation of TokuDB hot-backup moved from a patch to the MySQL Server, to MySQL Plugin.  Why did we make this change?

TokuDB hot backup makes a transactionally consistent copy of the TokuDB files while applications continue to read and write these files.  Christian Rober wrote a nice series of blogs about how hot backup works.  See TokuDB hot backup 1 and TokuDB hot backup 2 for details.  In summary, the TokuDB hot backup library intercepts system calls that write files and duplicates the writes on backup files. It does this while copying files to the backup directory.

There are two changes made to MySQL to get TokuDB hot backup working.

First, the hot backup …

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So long, and thanks for all the help.

Today is my last day at Tokutek. On Monday I'm starting a new opportunity as VP/Technology at CrunchTime!. If you are a web developer, database developer, or quality assurance engineer in the Boston area and looking for a new opportunity please contact me or visit the CrunchTime! career page.

I've really enjoyed my time at VoltDB and Tokutek. Working for Mike Stonebraker (at VoltDB) was on my career "bucket list" and in these past 3.5 years at Tokutek I've experienced the awesomeness of the MySQL ecosystem and the surging NoSQL database …

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