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Embedded InnoDB now available on the openSUSE Build Service

Oracle/InnoBase announced the availability of the embedded version of InnoDB at this year's MySQL Conference & Expo, but I have not seen a lot of comments or reviews about it so far. Which surprises me, because I think this is a very interesting piece of technology!

In my opinion it might actually hit the sweet spot for application developers seeking an alternative embedded database solution. SQLite is nice and popular, but it seems to have concurrency issues when used in multi-threaded applications. An embedded …

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mylvmbackup-0.12 has been released

After a long hiatus, I am happy to announce that mylvmbackup version 0.12 has now been released. This release includes a large number of improvements, minor code cleanups, as well as some new functionality. In particular, I would like to thank Matthew Boehm, Tim Stoop, Baron Schwartz, Ville Skyttä and Ronald Bradford for their contributions.

Some notable highlights from the ChangeLog:

  • Removed the absolute path names to external tools (make sure $PATH is correct)
  • Added --log-err to the startup options of the recovery instance to avoid cluttering the server's error log
  • Added support for hooks written as Perl Modules. (Matthew Boehm)
  • Added support for date/time-formatted path names for backupdir and mountdir (Matthew Boehm)
  • Backupdir and …
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Storage Engine Dev Journal #3 : Supporting variable width tables

Something I’ve added to BlitzDB recently that was pretty high on my todo list is support for variable width tables. So what is a variable width table? it is a table that contains columns that can vary in size, namely BLOB and TEXT types.

Going back to the basics, when a new row is to be written, a storage engine is given a pointer to the row data in MySQL format that it must somehow store for later lookup/retrieval. By meaning “somehow”, the storage engine is given the freedom to do whatever it likes with the row.

Writing a row for a fixed length table (a table with columns that are always the same size) is deadly easy. A storage engine can choose to not temper with the row and simply write or copy the data to it’s storage mechanism. This is because the storage engine is given a row that contains all the data. Rows for variable width tables …

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xtrabackup 0.7 RPMs available on the openSUSE Build Service

XtraBackup is an Open Source online (non-blockable) backup solution for the InnoDB and XtraDB storage engines. It works with both MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 (and possibly 5.4 as well) and is distributed under the GPLv2.

Some weeks ago Vadim announced the availability of xtrabackup-0.7, stating that they consider it stable enough now to label this version a "Release Candidate". I've been maintaining RPM packages of xtrabackup on the fine openSUSE Build Service for quite some time now, RPMs of 0.7 for a number of distributions are now …

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The Call for Papers for the OpenSQLCamp 2009 is now open!

The OpenSQL Camp 2009 web site is now ready for business, I've updated various pages and added some more information about the call for papers. I've also set up a Twitter account (no way without one nowadays, right?), which might also play an important role in the voting/rating of talks later on (Giuseppe came up with an interesting proposal for that).

So we're now seeking your input! Let me quote from the web pages directly:

OpenSQL Camp is a free conference of, by, and for the open-source database community of users and developers. The first OpenSQLCamp 2008 took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, …

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MySQL University session about the new MySQL release model

As you may have heard, we're switching to a new release model with the upcoming MySQL 5.4 release.

If you are curious to learn more about what will change in the way in which future versions MySQL will be developed and released, make sure to attend our next MySQL University session about The New MySQL Release Model on Thursday, 11th of June, 14:00 UTC. Tomas Ulin, our director of MySQL server development will go through the planned changes and would also like to get your input and feedback on these changes.

We're using …

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Speaking at FrOSCon and organizing the OpenSQLCamp 2009, European Edition

Today I received a confirmation that I will be giving a talk about "Working for a virtual company" in the main conference track of the Free and Open Source Conference (FrOSCon) in St. Augustin, Germany (August 22nd+23rd). Yay! I've been giving talks at every FrOSCon since its inception in 2006, so I am happy that I will be able to continue this tradition. FrOSCon is really a gem among the various Linux and Open Source Conferences in Germany — it takes place at a nice venue, the weather is usually warm and sunny and the conference organization is just great. And they of course always have a good lineup of speakers and OSS projects! As for the last years we (Sun/MySQL) will support the event by sponsoring and we will likely have a booth there as well. My colleague Joerg Moellenkamp also …

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More on MySQL password security

My last post about Basic MySQL Security generated a number of interesting comments, thanks for all your feedback! I'd like to address a few points that were mentioned there:

While the problem seems to be a non-issue on Linux, Keith Murphy stated that the password might still be visible on other Unix operating systems (e.g. Solaris), as described in Bug#11952 in our bug database. According to the bug report, it depends on the implementation of "ps" — there seems to be a BSD variant (/usr/ucb/ps) as well as a SysV implementation (/usr/bin/ps).

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Joining Ulf for the PHP BBQ Tour through Germany (June 15th-21st)

Just a short announcement: I am going to join Ulf for his PHP Barbeque Tour across Germany, which will take place between June 15th until the 21st. We will start in the south of Germany and will work our way up north in one week, stopping by at various cities in Germany to enjoy a barbecue with local PHP User Groups and to talk about PHP (of course), MySQL, Open Source, The Web and anything else. We've set up a Wiki page that outlines the various stations of our journey. At the Moment, we will visit the following cities:

  • Monday, 15th: Munich
  • Tuesday, 16th: Frankfurt
  • Wednesday, 17th: Karlsruhe
  • Thursday, 18th: Berlin
  • Friday, 19th: …
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What I have been doing lately in slides, pictures and videos

I just realized that I haven't blogged for more than a month! Shame on me. But I will blame it on being away on conferences and vacation for quite some time And if you are following me on twitter, you may have noticed what I was going on in my life and that I did't get hit by a bus...

So what was going on since I returned back home from the MySQL Conference? First off, I uploaded und sorted my pictures from the conference and the Drizzle developer day on Flickr. I also uploaded the slides (PDF) from Colin and myself speaking about "MySQL Server Backup, …

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