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A guide to The 451 Group’s open source software coverage

Regular visitors to the 451 CAOS Theory blog will be well aware of The 451 Group’s CAOS (Commercial Adoption of Open Source) research service and our CAOS long-form reports.

They are probably less aware of the open source coverage that The 451 Group provides on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis, however, and I thought it would be worthwhile to provide some examples of The 451 Group’s ongoing open source coverage by highlighting a few recent reports.

The company’s core services are 451 Market Insight Service, which delivers daily insight into emerging enterprise IT markets, and 451 TechDealmaker, a forward-looking weekly …

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A review of Pentaho Solutions by Roland Bouman and Jos van Dongen

Pentaho Solutions

Pentaho Solutions, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL. By Roland Bouman and Jos van Dongen, Wiley 2009. Page count: about 570 pages. (Here’s a link to the publisher’s site.)

The book is big in part because it’s about a GUI tool, so there are the requisite number of screenshots (but not too many). It is structured into four parts, each on a different topic.

The first part is 4 chapters on getting started with Pentaho: from a quick-start through …

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451 CAOS Links 2009.11.06

Funambol acquires Zapatec. Open source gains Closure. And more.

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For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

# Funambol acquired Zapatec, an AJAX web 2.0 frameworks vendor.

# The top ten issues facing open source users, according to Mark Radcliffe.

# Google …

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Instant Relief from Slow MySQL Reporting Queries using DynamoDB

Here’s the scenario. You’ve got a table in MySQL for reporting that has a few million rows, and is denormalized for reporting. You’ve got a Pentaho Report that is querying this MySQL table. You have two problems with the current report.

  1. Your users are complaining that the query is slow, and they have to wait around for longer than they’d like to see their report. (approx 40s)
  2. Your DBAs are cranky because they see the size of this table is getting bigger. (approx 1.8GB)

MySQL is fundamentally designed to be an OLTP database and while it does a fantastic job at that, its data warehouse features were built as “bolt on” additions. Can it be used for BI? Absolutely, I’ve used it a many customer sites. Does DynamoDB provide a better set of features/capabilities for doing BI? We think so! Are they both 100% open source? You bet;why not choose the right tool for the …

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Setting up Development and Production Pentaho PDI Repositories

I’ve been setting up a Pentaho Data Integration system with the goals of supporting collaboration with my team, allowing easy deployment to test or production, and enabling remote monitoring and troubleshooting of jobs and tranformations.

I’ve finally figured out a way to achieve these goals, so I’ll try to pass this on now. I found the book "Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL", by Roland Bouman and Jos van Dongen to be a big help in figuring out how to export/import. It definitely helped me get up and running quickly.

My first decision was to bet the farm on the use of a repository. A file based system would probably work, but I felt that it would require too much file distribution and usage of remote terminals. So I’ve setup two separate repositories hosted on MySQL databases: One for development (DEV), and one for Production (PRD). Here are the steps I …

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Displaying stored procedure result set meta data in Pentaho

This probably won't be a very well written post since I am working frantically on a proof of concept using Pentaho Data Integration / Kettle for the etl in a new data warehouse project. I have just a couple days to get it to work or I'll end up having to use perl...which will make me hurl.

I want to use a mysql stored procedure for the transformation input, which is easy to do with the "Table Input" step ( just CALL the stored proc in the SQL section), but the field names of the result set don't show up downstream in subsequent steps. When I right click on a downstream step and select "show input fields", an "I Can't find any fields" messagebox pops up.

Some may find this a minor annoyance, but it makes subsequent steps difficult to deal with if you cant visualize the structure of the data stream in the transformation.

I saw some posts recommending the use of a "Select Values" Step, but for some reason, I …

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451 CAOS Links 2009.10.13

Larry Ellison promises funds for MySQL, commits to community. The “open source vendor” debate in a nutshell. And more.

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# Larry Ellison promised MySQL will receive more money for development and research, while Oracle maintained that it is committed to Java and open source developer communities.

# GroundWork raised $5m series D funding from Canaan Partners, Mayfield, JAFCO Ventures and SAP Ventures.

# InformationWeek reported that Motorola has vacated …

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451 CAOS Links 2009.10.06

Patents. M&A. Adoption. Business strategies. And more.

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This bumper edition of 451 CAOS Links is brought to you courtesy of the Open World Forum’s temperamental wireless connection.

# Red Hat urged the Supreme Court to to make clear that it excludes software from patentability, while the SFLC and the FSF also filed briefs with the US Supreme Court arguing against software patents.

Investment and M&A
# The WSJ …

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Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL

I get several emails each week that are from folks who have the basics mechanics of being a DBA but are looking to learn how to manage data. They can administer a database server but want to know how to get more out of that data. I now have an excellent book for them to refer.

My copy of Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL arrived last week. I need to disclose that I was originally hired by MySQL to replace one of this books authors, Roland Bouman. He told me a year ago that he was working on this book. And I have found that he is always investigating something interesting.

Now to buy a pair of those cheap terabyte disk drives and load up some data.

This book will end up being one of those tomes that DBAs will have dog-eared, stuffed with Post-Ittm notes, …

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451 CAOS Links 2009.09.01

Intalio acquires Jetty. Red Hat updates JBoss platform. $12m funding for Medsphere. And more.

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# Intalio acquired Webtide, developer of Jetty application server.

# Red Hat delivered JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.0, as well as JBoss Operations Network (ON) 2.3 and launched Catalyst partner program.

# Medsphere raised $12m to support ongoing development and expansion in open source health IT.

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