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DynamoBI is dead, long live LucidDB!

To our Partners, Employees, Customers, Friends, and Community:

It is my unfortunate duty to inform all of you that DynamoBI is ceasing commercial operations October 31, 2012; we are immensely grateful for all the support that you all have shown our company, in so many different ways, over the past 3 years and we hope to make this shutdown as painless as possible for all involved.  We know that we are not the only people who are invested in LucidDB, so we wanted to explain our rationale for shutting down along with the implications for the entire LucidDB community (not just our customers).

We started DynamoBI 3 years ago when we saw our most favorite open source project, LucidDB, finding limited prospects for adoption without a growth to full, commercial support which many (most!) companies need to be able to adopt open source software.  We had been actively working with LucidDB for a long while, and knew …

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NoSQL Now 2011: Review of AdHoc Analytic Architectures

For those that weren’t able to attend the fantastic NoSQL Now Conference in San Jose last week, but are still interested in the slides about how people are doing Ad Hoc analytics on top of NoSQL data systems, here’s my slides from my presentation:

No sql now2011_review_of_adhoc_architectures View more presentations from ngoodman We obviously continue to hear from our community that LucidDB is a great solution sitting in front of a Big Data/NoSQL system. Allowing easy SQL access (including super fast, analytic database cached views) is a big win for reducing …

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SQL access to CouchDB views : Easy Reporting

Following up on my previous blog about enabling SQL Access to CouchDB Views I thought I’d share what I think the single, biggest advantage is: The ability to connect, run of the mill, commodity BI tools to your big data system.

While the video below doesn’t show a PRPT it does show Pentaho doing Ad Hoc, drag and drop reporting on top of CouchDB with LucidDB in the middle, providing the connectivity and FULL SQL access to CouchDB. Once again, the overview:

BI Tools are commoditized; consider all the great alternatives available inexpensively (either in Open Source for free, Open Core, or even simply proprietary). Regardless of what solution you choose, these tools have fantastic, easy to …

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0.9.4 did not hit the 1 year mark!

Our last LucidDB release was now, just more than 12 months ago on June 16, 2010. We were really really trying to beat the 1 year mark for our 0.9.4 release but we just couldn’t. A tenet of good, open source development is early and often and we need to do better. Since the 0.9.3 release we’ve:

  • Built out an entire Web Services infrastructure
  • Developed a wicked cool Admin user interface
  • Developed cool connectors to Hive, CouchDB
  • Built a whole ton of extensions (auto indexing, DDL generation, improved load routines)
  • Scriptable …
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SQL access to CouchDB views

Following up on my first post on an alternative, more SQL-eee metadata driven approach to doing BI on Big Data, I’d like to share an example on how we can enable easy reporting on top of BIg Data immediately for CouchDB users. We’re very keen on discussing with CouchDB/Hive/other Big Data users about their Ad Hoc and BI needs; please visit the forum thread about the connector.

We’ve been working with some new potential customers on how to leverage their investment in Big Data (specifically Big Couch provided by the fine folks at Cloudant. In particular, this prospects users are …

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A different vision for the value of Big Data

UPDATE: Think we’re right? Think we’re wrong? Desperate to figure out a more elegant solution to self service BI on top of CouchDB, Hive, etc? Get in touch, and please let us know!

There’s a ton of swirling about Hadoop, Big Data, and NoSQL. In short, these systems have relaxed the relational model into schema(less/minimal) to do a few things:

  • Achieve massive scalability, resiliency and redundancy on commodity hardware for data processing
  • Allow for flexible evolution and disparity in content of data, at scale, over time
  • Process semi-structured data and algorithms on these (token frequencies, social graphs, etc)
  • Provide analytics and insights into customer behaviors using an exploding amount of data now …
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Column Store 101

I’m often asked, as an initial question of why LucidDB can perform so much better than traditional row store databases like Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MySQL is HOW?

There’s a bunch of reasons and we have entire sections of our Wiki dedicated to the topic, but first and foremost is corner stone of almost every analytic database.  We’ve changed the way we orient the data on disk.  I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but I think as a start, a very simple example can help gain a little more understanding about how we can deliver an order of magnitude better performance over a row store.  More to come, as well.

Take the following query that is typical of BI workloads (we’re using commercial flight data available from the BTS):

select count(Carrier), Carrier, DayOfWeek, CancellationCode
group by Carrier, DayOfWeek, Cancellation

This query …

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LucidDB has a new Logo/Mascot

At yesterdays Eigenbase Developer Meetup at SQLstream‘s offices in San Francisco we arrived at a new logo for LucidDB.  DynamoBI is thrilled to have supported and funded the design contest to arrive at our new mascot.  Over the coming months you’ll see the logo make it’s way out to the existing sites, wiki sites, etc.  I’m really happy to have a logo that matches the nature of our database - BAD ASS!

DynamoDB: Built in Time Dimension support!

DynamoDB (aka LucidDB) is not just another column store database. Our goal is being the best database for actually doing Business Intelligence; while that means being fast and handling large amounts of data there’s a lot of other things BI consultant/developers need. I’ll continue to post about some of the great BI features that DynamoDB has for the modern datasmiths.

First feature to cover that’s dead easy, is the built in ability to generate a time dimension, including a Fiscal Calendar attributes. If you’re using Mondrian (or come to that, your own custom SQL on a star schema) you need to have a time dimension. Time is the most important dimension! Every OLAP model I’ve ever built uses one! It something that you, as a datasmith will need to do with every …

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Instant Relief from MySQL Reporting Queries: Incremental Updates

Yesterday, I covered how you can do an initial “replication” of data from MySQL to DynamoDB and how this can improve performance, and save storage space. The follow on question becomes:

That’s Great Nick. But how do I do keep my data up to date?

We’ve got data in our Airline Performance dataset through 31-DEC-2007. I loaded 1 year, all of 2007, for the previous example. What happens when the FAA publishes their 2008 January results, and we’ve loaded the new months worth of data into MySQL?


select count(*) from otp.ontime; 8061223
select count(*) from ontime where FlightDate > ’2007-12-31′; 605765
select count(*) from ontime where FlightDate <= ’2007-12-31′; …

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