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Using Wordpress 3.1 on Drizzle

Since the GA release of Drizzle7 I've had several people asking me about how to convert their MySQL sites to use Drizzle instead.  By far the most common one to crop-up is Wordpress.  This is aimed to be a simple guide to starting a new blog using Wordpress 3.1 and Drizzle.
Initial Problems
Wordpress by design is very MySQL orientated, for the most part this is good thing, but when trying to switch to another database for it there can be complications.  An attempt has been made to create a plugin to use Drizzle, but unfortunately it has side-effects such as modifying your content if you happen to blog about anything related to MySQL or Drizzle.  For the purposes of this blog post I have create a patch and will give instructions on how to use it below.  If any Wordpress guru has a way to make this into a good plugin, please get in touch!
Conversions Needed
Almost all the conversions for Wordpress …

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New year & new blog

The new year is here and I have moved my (so far quite silent) blog to use WordPress and MySQL 5.5 GA.

Since I am using Ubuntu I downloaded a compressed tar archive. I installed it in a custom directory and for starting I wrote a little upstart script.

$ cat /etc/init/mysql-5.5.conf
start on startup
stop on shutdown

env basedir=/opt/mysql/mysql-5.5
env defaults=/etc/mysql-5.5/my.cnf

        cd $basedir
        $basedir/bin/mysqld_safe --defaults-file=$defaults
end script

In wp-config.php I have set:

define('DB_HOST', …
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Tech Messages | 2011-01-04

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2010-12-22 through 2011-01-04:

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MySQL 5.5 GA launchd issues with Snow Leopard

I did a clean install on my Macbook Pro this morning, part of the clean install means, re-downloading things like MySQL.

When I installed it, I noticed that the pref-pane wouldn’t start MySQL. Even when it asked for my admin password. I thought maybe it was a boot up issue, so I rebooted, and got an error telling me that the permissions for the start up item were in secure.

Here’s what I did to debug/fix the problem.

  • Change permission of /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM/MySQLCOM
  • edit /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server and edited line 46 and 47 to say

chown -R root:wheel /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM

[content_box style="yellow-box" title="Edit mysql.server file"]

There is already a …

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How to test your WordPress Cache

How I lost 30 pounds in 2010 – a weight loss guide for developers Posted on December 30th, 2010 in blog, personal, zippykid.

2010 was a great year for me, I started a new company, and it’s been profitable since month 2, I closed my consulting company, and most importantly, I lost 30 pounds, and am more mobile/agile than I was in college. I’m 32 and I feel better than I did when I was 24. I’ve talked [...]

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How to make WordPress faster without the use of a plugin

When it comes to web page load time, she should always say “wow, that was fast”.

A Quick update based on Frederick’s comment below

** Please do not take these tips as THE answer, this is a complement, not a replacement. I have purposely not given specifics on how to configure anything, or what value to set, because I don’t want people copy pasting things, and then having their site crashing. Regarding mod_pagespeed, I said it’s the most bang for OUR buck.. it’s not recommended in production, nor do we have it on for everyone else. **.

Webpage load time is getting more and more important these days, if you go into Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll see “Site Performance” under the labs link. This is a very good indicator of what Google thinks how fast your site is compared to the rest …

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On HTML Sanitization, What, Why, How

This is a very good article discussing the different HTML Sanitizers available in the PHP community, what they mean, and the general state of things. Even the WordPress sanitizer (Kses) is included in this review. I really recommend you read this before you start building your own mini cms.

How to: rotate wordpress posts into headline/feature status

If you’re using the new Arthemia theme for WordPress you might notice that there are two areas of the theme that can have articles promoted to; namely Headline and Featured sections. This is controlled by category association. Basically you have a post and if you want it in the Headline area of the theme you attach the category “headline” to it, similarly for the featured section. Now, let’s say you don’t want to manually change this all the time since it can be time consuming to promote posts to those categories if you want rotating content.

Here’s a simple solution. In this bash script I connect to MySQL and remove the current associations from posts and then randomly choose posts to be promoted to the Headline and Featured categories. This can be modified for other ideas you might have involving categories/posts/randomized …

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451 CAOS Links 2010.07.27

New projects. Old arguments. And more.

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

New projects
# Gemini Mobile Technologies released Hibari, a new open source non-relational database for big data.

# Lockheed Martin launched the Eureka Streams open source project for enterprise social networking.

# Sony Pictures Imageworks expanded its open source initiative with the release of OpenColorIO.

Old arguments
# Kirk Wylie discussed the …

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451 CAOS Links 2010.07.16

SugarCRM. Funding for EnterpriseDB and Morphlabs. Even more core. And more

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# OStatic asked whether SugarCRM has violated open source principles.

# Larry Augustin clarified SugarCRM’s approach to open source and openness.

# Savio Rodrigues advised anyone considering SugarCRM not to get hung-up on source code availability.

Funding round
# EnterpriseDB has reportedly raised $7.5m of a …

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