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Regarding the MySQL Conference and Expo 2012

Last week, Baron Schwartz announced the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012.

Percona organized MySQL related conferences and seminars before, and from what I've heard, with considerable success and to satisfaction of its attendees, and there's one coming up in London in October 2011. But arguably, last week's announcement is quite different from the prior Percona conferences. It's different, because it seeks to replace the annual O'Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo.

Everyone that has read the announcement will have no trouble recognizing it as a replacement, …

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MySQL User Conference: InnoDB vs NDB – Let the fight begin!

While wearing my hat of Sales Engineer, I have been asked several times what is the difference between InnoDB and MySQL Cluster/NDB and when it makes sense to use one storage engine or the other. Some may probably think that this is a trivial question: the two engines are so different that there is really no point to compare them. The reality is not so clear though: there are many situations where I have found InnoDB stretched to the point where MySQL Cluster would have been a perfect fit, and other occasions were users implemented a solution based on MySQL Cluster and InnoDB would have been the perfect choice.

This is the reason behind my talk at the MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara: InnoDB vs NDB. I will co-present the session with my good old friend and ex-colleague Johan Andersson – if you know Johan, you may guess who will take the part for NDB!

Rest assured it will be a serious and fair comparison between the two …

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MySQL Conference 2010 Presentation: Optimizing Stored Routines

Yesterday I delivered my presentation for the MySQL User Conference and Expo 2010: Optimizing MySQL Stored Routines. If you are interested in the slides, you can find them on both the MySQL conference site as well as on Here's the abstract of my presentation so you can decide if this is interesting for you: MySQL stored routines (functions, procedures, triggers and events) can be useful. But many casually written stored routines are unnecessarily slow. The main reason is that MySQL does not apply even simple code optimizations to stored routine code. …

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MySQL: Partition-wise backups with mysqldump

To whom it may concern,

in response to a query from André Simões (also known as ITXpander), I slapped together a MySQL script that outputs mysqldump commands for backing up individual partitions of the tables in the current schema. The script is maintained as a snippet at MySQL Forge. How it worksThe script works by querying the information_schema.PARTITIONS system view to …

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Ready for the User Conference?

I cannot recall any significant moment of the conferences in 2002 and 2003 (simply because I was not there) but…
In 2005 we had MySQL 5. Peter Zaitsev was still working in the benchmark team for MySQL AB. His presentation on InnoDB performance and tuning was enlighting for many.
In 2006 we discovered the Pluggable Storage Engine API. Jim Starkey joined MySQL AB and we announced Falcon. [A brighter note,] I have been so lucky to meet Paul McCullagh the day before the Conference. Paul is one of the nicest and most brilliant persons I have ever met.
2007 was all around 5.1. We announced the roadmap for 6.0 and our online cross engine backup.
In 2008 we were Sun and for the first time Marten Mickos left his place on stage of the UC to Jonathan Schwartz.
In 2009 we had the Oracle announcement and the Percona Conference. You may describe the conference in many way, it certainly wasn't boring!
And now, 2010. Another …

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Next week : MySQL UC

Dear Kettle & MySQL fans!

I’m really looking forward to go to the MySQL User Conference next week, not just because I’m speaking in 2 sessions again, but perhaps also because these are “interesting” times for MySQL and Sun Microsystems.  Pivotal times it would seem.

Here are the 2 sessions I’m going to do:

  • Cloud Computing with MySQL and Kettle : I’m particularly happy that MySQL accepted this session: it will demonstrate how easy it has become to do cloud computing exercises with tools like MySQL and Kettle.
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Speaking at the MySQL Conference 2009

I am very proud to announce that so far, two proposal I submitted for the MySQL Conference 2009 have been approved! Wohoo!

(Did you submit a proposal too, and you still didn't receive a reply? No worries - there is a massive amount of proposals to go through. From past years experience I can say - Don't despair, just have some patience. It can take some time for the MySQL community guys to work though all the proposals.)

As every year, I am looking forward to this event a lot, and having the opportunity to speak there just brings a big smile to my face ;)

Anyway - These are the approved proposals:

  • Gearing up MySQL: Implementing MySQL synchronization for browser-based apps using an embedded database (powered by Google Gears)
  • Practical MySQL Plugin Development

The first proposal is for a 45 minute …

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Wrapping up our Launch at the MySQL Conference

My name is Karl Van den Bergh — I do Business Development here at Kickfire. I’ll be joining Raj on our corporate blog adding my comments to what is happening at our company and in our marketplace.

What a great conference (my first) and what a great venue it was to have launched our company and beta product.

Now that I have switched from the dark side of commercial software to the open source world, my eyes have been opened to the power of the community. Specifically, the success of our launch can, to a large degree, be attributed to the community.

Over the last couple of weeks I have heard comments in the blogosphere to the effect that Kickfire has a great marketing machine. One blog noted that Kickfire had “brought Web 2.0 Marketing to the Database World.” Whereas our marketing team will certainly take pride in these comments (and should for all the hard work that went into this launch), the reality is that our …

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MySQL UC2008 presentation "Grand Tour of the information schema" now online

Yup, the presentation slides as well as the scripts are now available online on the conference website.

The stuff you will find in there:

Diagram of the information schema
Slides for the UC presentation, "Grand Tour of the Information Schema"
script, returns one row for each index (rollup of information_schema.STATISTICS)
script, lists all redundant indexes. Redundancy rules:

  • two indexes with the same columns, type and uniqueness are interchangeable. The one with the largest index name is listed as redundant
  • if there is a unique …
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MySQL information_schema: Identifying rows from TABLE_CONSTRAINTS

Yesterday, I set out a little quiz about the TABLE_CONSTRAINTS table in the MySQL information_schema. The task was:

  • Specify a minimal set of columns of the information_schema.TABLE_CONSTRAINTS table that is sufficient to reliably identify a single row in the information_schema.TABLE_CONSTRAINTS table.
  • Argue why these columns are necessary and sufficient to identify a row, and why a smaller set of columns does not exist

Short Answer
For MySQL there are two such column sets:

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