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Next week : MySQL UC

Dear Kettle & MySQL fans!

I’m really looking forward to go to the MySQL User Conference next week, not just because I’m speaking in 2 sessions again, but perhaps also because these are “interesting” times for MySQL and Sun Microsystems.  Pivotal times it would seem.

Here are the 2 sessions I’m going to do:

  • Cloud Computing with MySQL and Kettle : I’m particularly happy that MySQL accepted this session: it will demonstrate how easy it has become to do cloud computing exercises with tools like MySQL and Kettle.
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Issues Booking the MySQL 2009 Conference Hotel

So, a colleague ran into issues booking the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel—apparently there were no rooms with 2 double beds left for the MySQL 2009 Conference and Expo.

I could not imagine that the conference hotel would sell out so quickly!

The conference’s travel/hotel web page links directly to the online reservations page at

I went there and did a little detective work. What I found was:

  • When I chose Mon Apr 20 - Thu Apr 23, there were rooms with 2 double beds available.
  • When I chose Sun Apr 19 - Thu Apr 23, there were rooms with 2 double beds available.
  • When I chose Sat Apr 18 - Thu Apr 23, there were rooms with 2 double beds available. …
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Artem’s Top 10 Tech Predictions And Ideas For 2009 And Beyond

Everyone and their mother are throwing out their predictions for 2009 nowadays, itâ€s a new fad. Itâ€s like youâ€re not cool anymore if you donâ€t have twitter, a Mac, and a set of random predictions for the next 12 joyous months.

So I decided to throw in a few ideas of my own to be part of the cool crowd again (how much cooler can I be already, you might think, and I wouldnâ€t blame you).


Disclaimer (read it, tough guy)

What this post is:

  • about the future of technology and the Internet, 2009 and beyond.
  • my ideas on what is going to happen or should happen. If they happen to match someone elseâ€s ideas – it doesnâ€t mean I ripped them off, it just means we share the same opinions and theyâ€re more likely to come true.
  • awesome.

What this post is not:

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Talks wanted for FOSDEM 2009

Organization for FOSDEM 2009 is in full swing. MySQL has a devroom, for which we want talk proposals. The call for papers ends on January 15, 2009. There is no registration for the event, but if you want to have a 1 hour speaker slot, please send us a proposal using this form. As usual, we are looking for quality presentations, regardless of the level. We like original talks and we will privilege innovative, creative, and well documented abstracts. You will find some guidelines on how to submit a successful proposal and more info on the event in MySQL Forge wiki.

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Kettle at the MySQL UC 2009

Hello Kettle fans,

Like Roland I got confirmation earlier this week that I could present my talk on “MySQL and Pentaho Data Integration in a cloud computing setting”, at the next MySQL user conference.

I’m very excited about the work we’ve done on the subject and it’s going to be great talking about it in April.

See you there!

Sheeri and the MySQL Camp
If you have attended the latest two MySQL Users Conference and Expo, you will know Sheeri. She was awarded for two years in a row community contributor of the year. And she is seriously determined to see someone else on stage next year. That's why she has been pushing other people toward the community scenes, paving the way for other contributors to surface.

But, you know, Sheeri is really good, and we have been trying to hire her, without much success. So we decided that since she is such a great catalyst, we should let her run part of the show. Embedded in the next MySQL Users Conference and Expo, there will be a MySQLCamp, of which she will be fully in charge.

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