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Changes to Options and Variables in MySQL 5.6

With MySQL 5.6 just gone GA, I thought it would be good to take a look at the changes in options and variables that comes with the new release.

First of all, several of the existing options have get new default values. As James Day already have written a good post about that in his blog, I will refer to that instead of going through the changes. For a general overview of the new features and improvements, the recent blogs by Rob Young and Peter Saitsev are good starting points together with the …

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A hidden options file trick

I was listening today to the OurSQL Episode 36: It's Not Our (De)fault! Part 1. As usual, Sheeri and Sarah are very informational and entertaining while explaining the innards of MySQL and their best practices.
Being a DBA oriented show, there was an omission in this podcast. There was no mention of custom groups that you can have for your my.cnf. This is mostly useful for developers. If your application requires some specific settings, instead of using a separated configuration file, you can use a different group, and then instruct your client applications to use that group.
By default, all client applications read the "[client]" group.
But you can tell your client to read a group that you can call whatever you like.
For example, with this configuration file,

[client] …
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Videos of Pythian Sessions from the 2010 O’Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo

Here’s a sneak peek at a video matrix — this is all the videos that include Pythian Group employees at the MySQL conference. I hope to have all the rest of the videos processed and uploaded within 24 hours, with a matrix similar to the one below (but of course with many more sessions).

Title Presenter Slides Video link
Details (Conf. site link)
Main Stage
Keynote: Under New Management: Next Steps for the Community Sheeri K. Cabral (Pythian) N/A 18:16
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Maatkit Options for Restoring a Slave or Master

The Maatkit toolkit is a real blessing for the MySQL DBA. And while its documentation is pretty good, in some cases it’s necessary to read carefully a second and third time to make sure you are not missing an important piece of information. In this article I will comment on mk-table-chksum and mk-table-sync. My comments are mostly aimed at those DBAs who are considering using these utilities with medium or larger-sized databases.


This option allows you to store the checksum results on the master, in a table that will get replicated to the slaves. Although it might seem like overhead for a simple check, it really simplifies your life, especially when used in combination with …

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