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Install MySQL 8 on Linux with lower_case_table_names = 1


MySQL stores several files on disk. Even in MySQL 8 where the data dictionary is stored in InnoDB tables, there are still all the tablespace files. Different file system behave differently, and one particular challenge is case sensitivity. On Microsoft Windows, the case does not matter, on Linux the case is important, and on macOS the case of the file names is preserved but the operating system by default makes it look like it is case insensitive.

Which convention that is the correct depends on your personal preference and use case. Between case sensitivity and case insensitivity, it basically boils down to whether mydb, MyDB, and MYDB should be the same identifier or three different ones. Since …

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Escaping “Lesson Learned” dealing with MySQL Databases & Case Sensitivity

Do you ever need to transfer databases between servers? Different OSes? Two common ways of data migration:1. Create mysqldump and load it.2. File transfer using SCP. MySQL Case Sensitivity and…

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