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caching_sha2_password Support for ProxySQL Is Finally Available!

ProxySQL recently released version 2.6.0, and going through the release notes, I focused on the following:Added support for caching_sha2_password!This is great news for the community! The caching_sha2_password authentication method for frontend connections is now available. This has been a long-awaited feature …Why?Because in MySQL 8, caching_sha2_password has been the default authentication method. Starting from MySQL […]

MySQL Configuration Steps: Easily Validate Configuration Settings in MySQL 8

This blog was published in April of 2021 and updated in April of 2024.In past versions of MySQL, there was often an ‘upgrade dance’ that had to be performed in starting up a newly upgraded MySQL instance with the previous version configuration file. In some cases a few deprecated options might no longer be supported […]

Learning SQL Exercise

I’ve been using Alan Beaulieu’s Learning SQL to teach my SQL Development class with MySQL 8. It’s a great book overall but Chapter 12 lacks a complete exercise. Here’s all that the author provides to the reader. This is inadequate for most readers to work with to solve the concept of a transaction.

Exercise 12-1

Generate a unit of work to transfer $50 from account 123 to account 789. You will need to insert two rows into the transaction table and update two rows in the account table. Use the following table definitions/data:

account_id     avail_balance    last_activity_date
-----------    --------------   ------------------
       123               450    2019-07-10 20:53:27
       789               125    2019-06-22 15:18:35

txn_id    txn_date      account_id    txn_type_cd    amount
------    ----------    -------+--    -----------    ------
  1001 …
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How Missing Primary Keys Break Your Galera Cluster

Any Galera documentation about limitations will state that tables must have primary keys. They state that DELETEs are unsupported and other DMLs could have unwanted side-effects such as inconsistent ordering: rows can appear in different order on different nodes in your cluster.If you are not actively relying on row orders, this could seem acceptable. Deletes […]

How to Connect to a MySQL Database on a DigitalOcean Droplet Using dbForge Studio

Today, accessing and managing databases remotely is a fundamental skill for developers, system administrators, and anyone working with data-driven applications. In this article, we will demonstrate how to establish an SSH connection to a MySQL database on a DigitalOcean Droplet—a virtual private server that can host various applications and databases.

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How to Remove Duplicate Rows in MySQL

Duplicates pose an ongoing risk to the data consistency and the overall database efficiency. This article will explore the issue of duplicate records, including their origins, the effects they have on databases, and strategies for swiftly detecting and permanently removing duplicates.

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Javascript support in MySQL: the UUID example

You may have noticed that MySQL now supports creating functions (and store procedures) in Javascript using GraalVM.

This new functionality is only available in MySQL Enterprise and MySQL HeatWave.

As a developer, you can also get free access to MySQL Enterprise from Oracle Technology Network (OTN): MySQL Enterprise Download.

I also recommend you look at Øystein’s presentation during the Belgian MySQL Days: [1], [2].

Why use a JS function?

As you may know, UUIDs are increasingly popular and their usage in MySQL is limited to the UUID V1.

I already covered this in the blog post titled …

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MySQL InnoDB’s Instant Schema Changes: What DBAs Should Know

In MySQL 8.0.12, we introduced a new algorithm for DDLs that won’t block the table when changing its definition. The first instant operation was adding a column at the end of a table, this was a contribution from Tencent Games.

Then in MySQL 8.0.29 we added the possibility to add (or remove) a column anywhere in the table.

For more information, please check these articles from Mayank Prasad : [1], [2]

In this article, I want to focus on some dangers …

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Champs Recap: Devart’s Award-Winning Products in Q1 2024

Last season was quite fruitful in terms of awards scored by our products on independent review platforms. And today, we've got a lot more of those to share. Without further ado, let's get started!

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Percona XtraBackup 8.0.28 Supports Encrypted Table Backups with AWS KMS

Percona XtraBackup (PXB) version 8.0.28 supports taking backups for the encrypted tables in your MySQL database using the AWS Key Management Service. For setting up data-at-rest encryption using AWS key management service, please see Configuring Keyring for Encryption Using AWS Key Management Service in Percona Server for MySQL.In this blog post, we will discuss how […]

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