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Duplicate Entry in ALTER TABLE (and in OPTIMIZE TABLE)

A few weeks ago and in MySQL 5.7, I had an ALTER TABLE that failed with a duplicate entry error.  This is old news as it is happening since MySQL 5.6, but I only saw this recently because I am normally using online schema change from the Percona Toolkit (pt-osc) or GitHub's online schema migration (gh-ost).  I do not like that and I am disappointed this has not been improved, so this post is

Poor man’s Online Optimize in 5.6

Table space fragmentation has generally 2 origins :

  • File System fragmentation : the data file is spread physically on many non contiguous locations on the disk.
  • Internal Fragmentation : the data and index pages have “holes” : this happens when  rows are deleted or updated, especially at random.

As a result, performance is affected by table space fragmentation. Data typically takes more space on disk and in memory. The disk is more busy than it should.

File System fragmentation can be detected using the filefrag command on Linux (and similar on different OS). When using MyISAM, MYI files are usually very fragmented on the FS, much more than the MYD files.

ls -al frag
total 883304
drwx------  2 aadant common      4096 Sep 30 18:41 .
drwxr-xr-x 17 aadant common      4096 Sep 30 18:59 ..
-rw-rw----  1 aadant common …
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