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MySQL High Availability with Keepalived and HAProxy

In this blog post, we are going to implement load balancer solution for MySQL high availability by integrating it with Keepalived, HAProxy, xinetd software components.

High availability databases use an architecture that is designed to continue to function normally even when there are hardware or network failures within the system.

Why we need this?

Let’s take a scenario were we have MySQL Multi-Master / MASTER-SLAVE replication setup for high availability. In the case of Hardware/Network failure on MASTER, In order to failover to a next available server, we need to manually do the configuration changes for client connections.In this case, downtime is expected since manual failover will take some times. To solve this we can integrate load balancer with MySQL to take care of this manual work and do automatic failover connections.

To avoid such downtimes and for the maximum high …

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Revisiting the hidden MySQL 8.0 data dictionary tables

A few months ago I wrote about showing the hidden tables in MySQL 8 data dictionary. What I presented there was a naïve solution, which I am now able to improve with a few (bold) moves. In the solution given in my previous article, I was able to guess the table names somehow, but they were still hidden from the catalog. I did not think clearly then. I should have used the data dictionary itself to see the tables. Here, in addition to getting the real list of tables, I offer a feature to unhide them permanently.

MySQL-Sandbox 3.2.08 has now the ability of un-hide the data dictionary tables, and keep them available for inspection. This feature came to my mind after a chat with the MySQL team during PerconaLive 2017. They stressed the …

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Percona Live 2017

So glad to have had a successful Percona Live last week. Continuent were Diamond Sponsors and now that we are back into a company and not part of VMware we have a little more freedom to get back into the MySQL community.

I had two primary sessions, both on the replicator/ But one was looking specifically at the replicator and how we get data into Big Data targets, the other on general problems of replicating between heterogeneous sources. After the first of those, David from Percona interviewed me to understand a bit more about what I was talking about

I was also on the keynote panel where we discussed a variety of different …

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Best places to look for MySQL help

This is not a resource list post. It is actually a question for you: where do you go, when you’re looking for MySQL help?

For the last few months I been feeling an itch – having some MySQL experience, I would really like to spend some time helping people solve their MySQL issues for free. But I’ve been blocked on the fact that I don’t really know what is the best place to do this.

Naturally, first place to look for MySQL help is Google. But what do you do when Mr. Google can’t help? Stackexchange? Quora? Percona forums? Maybe some mailing lists ? Do you just leave comments on blog posts that are somewhat on-topic?

Please leave a comment …

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MySQL 8.0.1 Replication Performance Improvements

MySQL 8.0.1 introduces new features and improvements to replication. The next sections summarize some related to performance.

1. WL#9556 – Writeset-based dependency tracking on the master

Transaction writesets can now be used to evaluate which transactions are independent and can be executed in parallel on the binary log applier on the asynchronous slaves.…

From Percona Live 2017: Thank You, Attendees!

From everyone at Percona and Percona Live 2017, we’d like to send a big thank you to all our sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees at this year’s conference.

This year’s conference was an outstanding success! The event brought the open source database community together, with a technical emphasis on the core topics of MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, RocksDB, time series, monitoring and other open source database technologies.

We will be posting tutorial and session presentation slides at the Percona Live site, and all of them should be available shortly. 

Highlights This Year:

  • Informative tutorials on day one, including …
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RDS vs Aurora vs EC2 benchmark

The goal of the benchmark is to compare performance and price/performance of Amazon RDS (Aurora) and MySQL server running on EC2 instance.

MySQL versions

  • MySQL 5.6 on RDS
  • Aurora on RDS
  • MySQL 5.6 community version on EC2
  • MySQL 5.7 community version on EC2

Sysbench test

  • Primary Key lookup queries
  • OLTP workload with mix of SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT queries
  • IO and CPU bound workloads

Sysbench Benchmarks CPU bound

Dataset size – 76G

IO bound

Dataset size 375G

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Get Started with MariaDB on Docker

Get Started with MariaDB on Docker MariaDB Team Fri, 04/28/2017 - 14:27

This week’s webinar with Alvin Richards on getting started with MariaDB on Docker was extremely popular but unfortunately we weren’t able to get to all the audience questions at the end. We sat down with Alvin after the webinar to review the questions and get his responses. Check out the conversation below.

If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, you can access the recording here and slide deck here.

Alvin Richards is Field CTO at MariaDB Corporation where he connects the dots between practitioners, innovators and MariaDB products. In his prior life, Alvin was vice president of product at Aerospike; ran engineering teams at Docker and MongoDB, leading the revolution of microservices and …

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MySQL Connector/C 6.1.10 GA has been released

Dear MySQL Users,

A new GA (general availability) version of MySQL Connector/C has been
made available: MySQL Connector/C 6.1.10 GA. The MySQL Connector/C 6.1
implements the MySQL C API for connecting client applications to the
MySQL Server 5.5 or newer.

You can download the production release at:

MySQL Connector C (Commercial) will be available for download on the My
Oracle Support (MOS) website. This release will be available on
eDelivery (OSDC) in next month’s upload cycle.

Please see the documentation and the README file in the source distribution
for a detailed description of bugs that have been fixed.


Changes in MySQL Connector/C 6.1.10 (2017-04-28, General
Availability) …

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Proactive MySQL: Query Reviews (part 1, overview)

One task that can really help reduce future problems is to do a periodic query review. I’ve been using pt-query-digest to do this since 2010 (back when it was part of Ma’atkit, mk-query-digest!), and while I have presented the idea several times at conferences, I have never blogged about it.

I am going to share a secret with you – I blog not just to share information with YOU, but to share information with ME. Future me. This comes up because I am working on a query review at for one of our busiest shards. I went to go look up a blog post on using pt-query-digest, because it’s a handy cheat sheet….and….I never did it. So, here goes!

This is the first blog post in what will be a series of blog posts, because it is a long topic and there are a few tools that can be used these days for analysis.

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