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Open Source, the MySQL market (and TokuDB in particular)

I was reviewing the Percona Live sponsors list the other day and pondering the potential success stories associated with this product or that one…. and as I was preparing to put more thought on the topic, a PlanetMySQL post caught my eye. It was penned by Mike Hogan and titled, “Thoughts on Xeround and Free!

For some reason the author of that post makes a connection between a free account in a cloud-based service and Open Source software. I think it’s an incorrect analogy, as they are two totally different things. A “free account” in this case is really just a marketing tool. Well, I admit there are companies that also use the “Open …

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MariaDB: the new MySQL? Interview with Michael Monty Widenius.

“I want to ensure that the MySQL code base (under the name of MariaDB) will survive as open source, in spite of what Oracle may do.” -- Michael “Monty” Widenius. Michael “Monty” Widenius is the main author of the original version of the open-source MySQL database and a founding member of the MySQL AB company. [...]

Open Core or Solutions: Choosing the Right Open Source Product Architecture

Today, more and more proprietary software vendors are choosing to go Open Source. Doing this enables them to leverage the community benefits of Open Source, shorten the sales cycle, and gain a competitive advantage over other proprietary products.

However, for those firms considering a switch to Open Source, there are some hard decisions to make with regard to their product architecture. Should they provide only a single Open Source product, and earn revenue from add-on services like support and consulting (RedHat)? Or should they adopt the Open Core model, offering their product under both Open Source and proprietary licenses (MySQL)? Or …

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More on the open core : the pragmatic view
I joined the number of those who have a public opinion on the open core debate.
Roberto Galoppini has graciously accepted to host a post on this topic in his Commercial Open Source Software blog.
Please read it directly from there:
Open to the core - The pragmatic freedom
The new hotness in open-core: InnoDB

There’s lots of buzz lately about the so-called “open-core” business model of Marten Mickos’s new employer. But this is nothing new. Depending on how you define it, InnoDB is “open-core,” and has been for a long time. The InnoDB Hot Backup (ibbackup) tool was always closed-source. Did anyone ever cry foul and claim that this made InnoDB itself not open-source, or accuse Innobase / Oracle of masquerading as open-source? I don’t recall that happening, although sometimes people got suspicious about the interplay between the backup tool and the storage engine. Generally, though, the people I know who use InnoDB Hot Backup have no gripes about paying for it.

What is the difference between open-source with closed-source accessories, and …

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Tarus for president !

Just read it !

The only unrealistic part about the scenario is that I fear that most purchasers within a government agency won't be asking these questions, yet.

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