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Training on Demand Certification Packages for DBAs

The demand for Database Administrators continues to grow.*

Almost two-thirds of IT hiring managers indicate that they highly value certifications in validating
IT skills and expertise.**

* Job satisfaction and DBA work growth rate: CNN Money's 2011 Best Jobs in America survey.
** Survey among nearly 1,700 respondents by CompTIA, the nonprofit trade association for the IT industry, cited in Certification Magazine, Feb. 14 th., 2012.

Get Certified with Training on Demand

Are you an experienced Database professional eager to achieve certification?
Is time your most precious resource?

Then try our new Training On Demand Certification Value …

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Announcement: Release 1.1.2 of MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g/11g

This release is just a quick bug fix release of an older 1.1.1 version of the plug-in. It’s long overdue but I’ve managed to fix “” problem only couple weeks ago. I’ve distributed the new version to the folks who have reached out to me by email of via blog reporting the issue in the [...]

Collaborate 2012 Registration is Now Open!   Double Down at COLLABORATE 12- The IOUG Forum with Two Ways to Save- and a Chance to Win! The user-driven Oracle event of the year is fast-approaching, and IOUG wants you to make youreducational experience a sure bet. Between … Continue reading →

Log Buffer #205, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

A very warm welcome to the Log Buffer, the premier medley of fresh information culled from the blogs related to the technology which stores the world, yes, the databases.

In this edition, the Log Buffer #205, we have yet again found the pulse of the industry.


On the Oracle front, leading Oracle technologist Andrey Goryunov carries on his hands-on experiments of newest version of the Oracle database. This time he slices away chopt.

It’s always very informative and exciting to know about internals of RAC Stuff like what actually is maintained in the Voting Disk . Riyaj has it …

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Log Buffer #204, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Welcome to Log Buffer, the weekly roundup of happenings in the database world.

Lots to cover this week, so let’s get on with Log Buffer #204. Enjoy!


Pythian’s Gwen Shapira dabbles with MySQL and explores MySQL troubleshooting for the Oracle DBA.

Venkat Janakiraman explores how connectivity works for BI EE 11g on …

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Log Buffer #194, A Carnival of The Vanities for DBAs

We’re well into summer and almost at our 200th edition of Log Buffer, a blog of blogs about the database world.

Remember if you find a link or interesting blog post that you think Log Buffer should mention, send a note to the editor at Log Buffer and be sure to include the link, and a short note outlining why you think that particular post would be of value to other DBAs, or what you learned from reading it.

Now on to our weekly reading in Log Buffer #194:

Oracle Exadata is a topic that is getting hotter and hotter. Following Pythian’s announcement of Exadata services Oracle’s Greg Rahn

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Log Buffer #137

This is the 137th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs. Dave Edwards is enjoying a week off, and so as part of my plot to take over the world, I am writing this week’s Log Buffer.

First, the fun stuff: Josh Berkus tells us that the American English Translation of the Manga Guide to Databases is available in Japanese Fairies and Third Normal Form.

Then, the basics:
Giri Mandalika points to an article on Using MySQL with Java Technology. This is a basic article on how to connect, and …

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How to Rename a Copied or Cloned ASM Disk Group

ASM is definitely one of the coolest technologies inside the Oracle Database. On the other hand, the ability of the storage arrays to provide a read/write access to a copy or a “snapshot” of its content is something we can easily leverage as an Oracle DBA. For a couple of weeks, I wanted to [...]

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