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slow_log and general_log tables in MySQL 5.1

“Server log tables” is one of the finest feature in MySQL 5.1 version but It looks like people are not using this feature regularly or perhaps they are happy with files only. Here, I’m explaining how we can enable that feature, use it and how it will be helpful for filtering the required statements in … Continue Reading

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Q/A on Kontrollbase slow/gen query logs and processlist

I recently was asked the following from a Kontrollbase user via email. Since this question might be asked by others I’m posting my response so that the user community can have the answer available right here, right now. Question “I am unable to locate the slow / general queries list as well as processlist. Does [...]

Dynamic General and Slow Query Log Before MySQL 5.1

This is a hack, but it is a good one. I was looking at some machines on a new client, and they had the general log turned on. I was surprised, because it was a fairly busy server, and they had had many problems with the server a few months ago. I thought perhaps they had turned on the general log to diagnose a problem and forgotten to turn it off, or something similar.

When I looked at the log on disk, I saw it was a symlink to /dev/null. They were running MySQL 5.0, so I immediately realized that it was a hack to have a general log they could “turn on” without having to restart mysqld.

On a different server, I saw the same link to /dev/null done with a slow query log.

The drawbacks to doing it this way is that MySQL still has the overhead of writing to the log file. The I/O overhead is greatly reduced because the writes are to /dev/null, but there’s still overhead from other resources such as RAM, CPU, etc.

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New in MySQL 5.1: Sheeri’s Presentation

In a nutshell: What’s New in MySQL 5.1.

Release notes: Changes in release 5.1.x (Production).

And yes, very early on (at about two minutes in), I talk about my take on Monty’s controversial post at Oops, we did it again.

To play the video directly, go to To download the 146 Mb video to your computer for offline playback, go to The slides …

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Using Table Log in MySQL™ 5.1

[HoneyMonitor is a GUI for MySQL™. Server Administration, Database and Database Objects Administration, Code Development, Server Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Performance Auditing. Read more on]

This is a short tutorial on the features implemented in HoneyMonitor for the use and administration of Table Logs in MySQL™ 5.1 . It could be useful for Users who are new to the product and want to get start with it or to whom want to learn the basis of Table Logging in MySQL™ 5.1.


1. Introduction
2. Brief Introduction to the Server Logs Management Window
3. The General Log Table
4. General Log Administration
5. General Log Data: Selecting, Sorting, Filtering Log Data
6. Quick Tour of the other features of the Server Logs Management Window
7. Other Resources …

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