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Q/A on Kontrollbase slow/gen query logs and processlist

I recently was asked the following from a Kontrollbase user via email. Since this question might be asked by others I’m posting my response so that the user community can have the answer available right here, right now. Question “I am unable to locate the slow / general queries list as well as processlist. Does [...]

FAQ: Lost connection to MySQL server?

This error usually pops up at the most unexpected times and places, and usually in an already working client application/website.

Here are a couple of reasons you get this error on the client-side while communicating with MySQL:

1. BLOBs

Another primary cause for this error, is when you update or select tables containing large blobs. By default MySQL's max_allowed_packet is set to 1MB. Should your update-SQL grow larger than this MySQL parameter, MySQL will simply drop the connection. This can easily happen with even a 512MB blob value, as blob values are usually hexed and thus takes two hex values per byte of the blob.

2. Client Timeouts

Most MySQL servers have at least three primary timeout settings for a client connection, connect, read and write timeouts. These control how long your client should wait for a response from the server when it connects, how long your …

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Docbook XHTML generation with tidy, chapter the third

In chapter the first, I presented a way to install HTML tidy.

In chapter the second, I created a script to install the most recent version of tidy with a single command.

In this chapter, I will show you how to run tidy in a way that cleans up the HTML that was generated by Office™.

Docbook XHTML generation with tidy, chapter the second

In Chapter the First, we presented a set of commands you could run to install HTML Tidy on your system.

In this chapter, we will present a script that you may run on your Linux or OS X system to install the most recent version of HTML tidy.

You may use subversion, wget, or your favorite browser to retrieve the most recent version of this tidy installer.

I'm writing a perl script using Commands::Guarded to automate what I did in the first article.

You may retrieve the source with wget, so:

$ wget -r

Or subversion, so:

$ svn co svn://

You may also get the most recent version of the individual files in the distribution using …

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Docbook XHTML generation with tidy, chapter the first

So I'm getting the new version of the MaxDB FAQ ready for production. We used Microsoft Word to create the document and manage corrections. And then I exported to HTML. Word did a terrific (note that the root word here is "terror") job of translating to HTML, and Tidy won't touch it unless I fix some issues manually.

So here I go.

Getting most recent build from cvs:

$ cd ~/src/
$ cvs login
$ cvs co tidy

Building said code:

$ cd tidy/build/gmake
$ make

ld: archive: ../../lib/libtidy.a has no table of contents, add one with ranlib(1) (can't load from it)
make: *** [../../bin/tidy] Error 1

$ ranlib ../../lib/libtidy.a
$ make

Running code:

$ cd ../../bin
$ ./tidy -h
$ open ../htmldoc/faq.html …
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