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Rotating MySQL Slow Logs

While working with different clients I happen to run across very large slow log files from time to time.  While several opinions on how they should be rotated exist. Many of these opinions use log rotate and the flush logs command,  I prefer not to flush my binary logs though. This is why I agree with Ronald Bradford's blog post from years ago on  how to do this.

I have taken it a little further and scripted the steps. The bash script is built with MySQL 5.6 and the mysql_config_editor in mind it can be used on older versions of MySQL as well.

The script …

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slow_log and general_log tables in MySQL 5.1

“Server log tables” is one of the finest feature in MySQL 5.1 version but It looks like people are not using this feature regularly or perhaps they are happy with files only. Here, I’m explaining how we can enable that feature, use it and how it will be helpful for filtering the required statements in … Continue Reading

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MySQL: Using Views as Performance Improvement Tools

The most basic and most oft-repeated task that a DBA has to accomplish is to look at slow logs and filter out queries that are suboptimal, that consume lots of unnecessary resources and that hence slow down the database server. This post looks at why and how VIEWs can help against such suboptimal operations.

Q/A on Kontrollbase slow/gen query logs and processlist

I recently was asked the following from a Kontrollbase user via email. Since this question might be asked by others I’m posting my response so that the user community can have the answer available right here, right now. Question “I am unable to locate the slow / general queries list as well as processlist. Does [...]

Using Table Log in MySQL™ 5.1

[HoneyMonitor is a GUI for MySQL™. Server Administration, Database and Database Objects Administration, Code Development, Server Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Performance Auditing. Read more on]

This is a short tutorial on the features implemented in HoneyMonitor for the use and administration of Table Logs in MySQL™ 5.1 . It could be useful for Users who are new to the product and want to get start with it or to whom want to learn the basis of Table Logging in MySQL™ 5.1.


1. Introduction
2. Brief Introduction to the Server Logs Management Window
3. The General Log Table
4. General Log Administration
5. General Log Data: Selecting, Sorting, Filtering Log Data
6. Quick Tour of the other features of the Server Logs Management Window
7. Other Resources …

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