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MongoDB and Redis in openSUSE Build Service

Usually I inform you here about MySQL related news in openSUSE. This time it will be a little bit different. But it will be still database related. You probably know that not so long ago (maybe still valid today), NoSQL databases were the cool thing to try. I think it has settled a bit now and it is no more about being cool, but more about your actual needs. So you may actually need some of these. And I can happily inform you, that thanks to the efforts of gladiac, we’ve got some of these in server:database repository now! Namely we’ve got MongoDB there and also Redis. Hurray! They don’t build for all distributions, but if you’ve got recent openSUSE, you can find a package for you there
Although some of us might like the idea of playing around with new …

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MySQL 5.5 in openSUSE Build Service

MySQL 5.5 is GA for more then a month already. If you are reading some news, you probably already heard, that it is great, million times faster, has trillion new features that you desperately need and much more. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little bit. But anyway, MySQL 5.5 is new version everybody talks about. So now when do you get it? It is already lying around for some time in server:database:UNSTABLE repository. It was there since beta, but took me some time to get final version ready. Just add it to your repositories for example by:

zypper ar -f server-database-unstable

and then install it by

zypper in mysql-community-server_55

As it conflicts with whatever MySQL variant you currently have, it will ask you to confirm uninstallation of your currently installed MySQL. Then it will replace it and you can start trying it. …

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CAOS Theory Podcast 2010.12.10

Topics for this podcast:

*Oracle, Java, the Apache Software Foundation and open source
*An update on some open source database and data management players
*CorraTech grows with support for open source application alternatives
*Red Hat-Makara acquisition analysis and impact
*Linux kernel report shows strong support, but what now for Novell?

iTunes or direct download (29:31, 5.1MB)

451 CAOS Links 2010.12.03

New CEOs for Funambol and Openbravo. Funding for 10gen. And more.

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and, and daily at
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# Funambol appointed Amit Chawla as its new CEO.

# Openbravo appointed Paolo Juvara as its new CEO and raised a new funding round.

# 10gen raised $6.5m in third-round funding led by Sequoia Capital.

# Microsoft has reportedly invested an undisclosed sum in TurboHercules.

# …

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Recently in MariaDB #2

There has been a lot happening in the MariaDB community recently, and there has been growth. Here are some of the highlights. Thank you to all our current contributors, and to others that want to contribute, shoot community[at]askmonty[dot]org an e-mail.

MariaDB 5.2.3 binaries for Solaris and Debian Sparc

Our Sparc community contributor, Mark, has continued to make popular binaries for Solaris 10 and Debian Sparc. He’s kept up to speed with MariaDB 5.2.3, so please visit him and download the binaries.

MariaDB 5.2.3 on the openSUSE Build Service

Community contributor Michal Hrušecký has packaged MariaDB for openSUSE and its available via the …

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MariaDB 5.2.3 in openSUSE (Build Service)

You maybe already noticed, that MariaDB folks released their new stable version 5.2.3 today. And as we’ve got our great openSUSE Build Service, we already have this version packaged and you can install it easilly on openSUSE. I didn’t had much time to test it deeply, I just tried that it runs, and that I’m able to connect to it, so it is currently in server:database:UNSTABLE repository, but after some testing, it will proceed futher If you want to try it, make sure to backup your data first! So talks on openSUSE you can use one click install to get MariaDB 5.2.3. For others, you …

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yum install mariadb

I`m not the biggest fan of openSUSE but this weeks post by Colin Charles makes me happy ..

openSUSE users can now do a mariadb install from their default repositories.

With all the fuzz about Snoracle and MySQL's future last year to me it became clear that we would end up having different MySQL based distributions, probably with different names, and that it would be up to the Linux distributions to provide the users with what they preferred, working with those Linux distributions
therefore would be very important for the MySQL distributions.

Sadly my Fedora box doesn't allow me to do a yum install mariadb yet ... but I`m sure that's only a matter of time ..

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OpenSUSE users have a choice of database now!

A big shoutout to the openSUSE team: openSUSE 11.3 has been released! And with it comes a choice for the database users out there – you can now choose between MySQL or MariaDB.

I wrote in February 2010 that MariaDB was in the unstable repository for openSUSE, and was informed by Michal that it would be included a little while ago. The version that is shipping is …

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MySQL in openSUSE 11.3

Original title was ‘MySQL dropped from openSUSE!!!‘. I wanted to have some shocking title, but I changed it as I don’t really want to scare you so much But it is partially true, there is no mysql package in openSUSE anymore. But of course we DID NOT really dropped MySQL. In fact, we now have more MySQL in openSUSE then we ever had! Do I got your attention? Read on

What and why?

What really happened is that I renamed original MySQL package. Now it is called mysql-community-server. If you take a look at SUN/Oracle web, they call it like this for a long time, so it makes a little sense… As a result, there is no real package called mysql in openSUSE anymore. But mysql-community-server provides mysql so even if you try to install mysql, it will work. This change also have one funny consequence. Do you remember package mysql-client? Now it’s …

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MySQL Version Updates

Few weeks ago I was at FOSDEM.  It was really amazing experience. I meet many interesting people, learned quite some thing and I returned full of enthusiasm. Open Source events are really great.

But all the fun wasn’t over even after the FOSDEM. I spent few more days in Bruxelles attending MySQL packagers meeting organized by SUN/Oracle. We spent quite some time talking to each other. We learned what MySQL people are doing and how. And they learned how do we deal with MySQL and what is troubling us. And many good things will come from this.

First but certainly not last of them is about to appear now. One very interesting thing we learned at meeting was MySQL release policy. What openSUSE and Ubuntu and maybe some others are doing is that after release date there is generaly no version updates allowed. We are only fixing serious bugs and security related issues. It takes …

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