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Commercialization of PHP Software

I’ve just published an article that explains how a PHP-based product can gain a good position in the market and be made appealing to customers by using marketing communication. The focus is on products licensed under an Open Source license. Yet, most of the recommendations also apply to proprietary offerings.

The article has initially been published in German by PHPmagazin. It has now been translated to English and is available on the Initmarketing website: Commercialization of PHP Software.

Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Customized Performance Report using HoneyMonitor

Reading this article you will learn how to create a Customized Performance Report for one of your MySQL™ Servers using HoneyMonitor, a GUI for MySQL™ Server Administration, Monitoring & Performance Tuning.


  • Introduction
  • Step 1 - Choosing a File Name and Opening the Report Designer
  • Step 2 - Editing the SQL Queries used by the Report
  • Step 3 - Editing the Charts contained in the Report
    • Axis Name
    • Series
  • Step 4 - Other minor changes
  • Step 5 - Previewing our Customized Report
  • Few Considerations and Useful Tips
    • Actual Date Interval
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Character Sets, Collations and the Jörmungandr

One of the (many) ongoing discussions in the Drizzle developer community is the level of support the database server kernel should provide for non-Unicode character set encodings. Actually, when I say non-Unicode, I actually mean non-UTF8, since we've stripped out all other character sets and "standardized" on 4-byte UTF8. I'll come back to why exactly I put standardized in quotes in just a bit...but to sum up, in childish terms, my thoughts after spending 4 hours tonight reading about character sets and collations, here is an exchange between Toru and myself on Freenode #drizzle:

<jaypipes> tmaesaka: how do you write "I wish everyone would just speak English" in …
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Enabling and Fixing Drizzle Test Cases

When Brian began the work on refactoring the MySQL 6.0 Server source code into what has now become the Drizzle Project, a number of code pieces were removed, including some major MySQL functionality such as stored procedures, server-side prepared statements, SQL Mode, some legacy code, and a variety of data types. The goal, of course, was to reduce the server code base down to a more streamlined and eventually modular kernel.

Of course, that vision is great, but it's got some side effects! One of those side effects is a dramatic reduction in the number of test cases that pass the test suite in their current form, and an increase in the number of tests that have been disabled. I re-enabled and fixed a few tests yesterday, but as of this writing, there are only 54 of 408 tests currently passing in the test suite.

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A Contributor's Guide to - Part 2 - Code Management

In this second part of my Launchpad guidebook series, I'll be covering the code management and repository features of If you missed the first part of my series, go check it out and get established on Then pop back to this article to dive into the magic of In this article, we'll cover the following aspects of the code management pieces of Launchpad:

  • The Structure of Project Source Code on
  • Pulling Code into a Local Repository
  • Creating a Local Working Branch for Bug Fixing
  • Pushing Code to Launchpad
  • Notifying a Merge Captain of Your Code Pushes
  • Keeping Trunk Up To Date
  • Merging Local Code with a Trunk …
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[PHP, MySQL] Batch changing charset and collation on databases

Recently I needed to quickly change charset on all tables and change each field’s chanset in each table in a specific database to latin1 and collation to latin1_swedish_ci. I googled a little and found this solution by shimon doodkin. I used it and it did work, but also it attempted to change charset at MySQL […]

A Contributor's Guide to - Part 1 - Getting Started

This post is the first in a series of articles which serves to highlight the services of the Launchpad platform which hosts the MySQL Server, MySQL Forge, MySQL Sandbox and Drizzle Server projects. I will be walking you through the various pieces of the platform and provide examples of using each of the services. I will cover in depth the source code management services which all three projects now rely upon. The code management services are the critical piece of the development platform. In addition, I will show you how to use the Blueprints, Bugs, Answers and Translations services that many MySQL ecosystem projects, including the MySQL Sandbox and …

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Getting a Working C/C++ Development Environment for Developing Drizzle

This article explains how to set up a properly functioning C/C++ development environment on Linux. The article is aimed at developers interested in contributing to the Drizzle server project, but the vast majority of the content applies equally well to developers wishing to contribute to the MySQL server or any other open source project written in C/C++

IMPORTANT: This article doesn't get into any religious battles over IDEs or particular editors. IDEs and editors are what you use to edit code. What this article covers is the surrounding libraries, toolchain, and dependencies needed to get into the development or contirbution process. That said, go Vim.

The examples shown use the Debian/Ubuntu methods of obtaining code packages and …

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Performance Monitoring, Tuning & Auditing in MySQL® 5.1 - A GUI Approach - PART 1

Revision: 8 - Last Update: September 03 2008

This is the first part of a series of short articles with a how-to approach about MySQL® Performance Monitoring, Tuning & Auditing. We will see the question from a GUI prospective. In particular we will describe which monitoring-oriented features HoneyMonitor, a GUI for MySQL® currently in alpha development, implements.

I will explain how HoneyMonitor let you

  1. install an audit database on your server, without the need of using 3th Party Agents nor using remote repository databases
  2. enable the auditing and start monitoring your server
  3. tuning your server changing a few suggested list of variables to get better performance.

We will use only the 5.1.x series of the Server as we use some Scheduled Events and the Event Scheduler has been added only in the 5.1 branch. In particular we will use MySQL® 5.1.24-rc. We will also do some …

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Discovering FALCON Metadata in MySQL® v. 6.0.5-alpha

MySQL® 6.0.5-alpha, the latest version of the 6.x branch of the Database Server, is available for download from the SUN|MySQL Web Site.

Metadata (data about the data) are very important, especially for software developers. In this article we will see what’s new in FALCON metadata handling doing some comparison with the old 6.0.4-alpha version.

New tables in the `information_schema` database
As you know, the source for metadata is the database `information_schema`. To start, let’s see which tables related with FALCON metadata are included in that database:

| VERSION()                             |

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