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Kontrollbase reporter XML Parser error has been fixed

If you have seen the following error on the Perf Report tab “Message: SimpleXMLElement::__construct()…” – it has been fixed in revision 281. This only affects alerts 11 and 12 so you might not run into it immediately. The solution is to either remove lines “586, 590, 639, 650″ from the bin/ file, or to run [...]

RESTful PHP Web Services – reviewed

I’ve been using a lot of RESTful services these days and have been waiting for a good book that is dedicated to the topic. I recently received a copy of ‘RESTful PHP Web Services’, which does a successful job of outlining proven concepts in current web technology. If you want to learn the methods for creating and consuming RESTful services then you will find many examples in this book. From the architectural plans to well thought out code samples, the book covers a lot of ground in a relatively quick read.

The first chapter gives the reader a quick introduction to RESTful services and the most common PHP frameworks in use at the time of writing. I particularly enjoyed the section on the Zend framework due to the explanation of benefits over the other frameworks. …

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2nd IKS Workshop: The Web 3.0 and Open Source Semantic Search

Rome is a great city and it will host a bunch of great people (including me ) at November 12-13. This is when the second IKS Project workshop will take place. The goal of this workshop is to start working on an Open Source software stack that allows other Open Source projects and software vendors to leverage semantic search technologies.

IKS is an EU-funded project with an overall budget of 8.5 million Euros. The first workshop back in May saw two dozen of bright Open Source CMS minds discussing a semantic stack in general. This time, it will also make sense for non-CMS-related Open Source projects and vendors to join.

There will be interesting presentations from some key figures at the second workshop in Rome, such as Peter Mika of Yahoo! Research talking about “The Role of …

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This is a basic heads up post, perhaps even blatant self marketing. So, please continue reading.

If anyone recalls the website they would know that it’s based on the codebase that is written in python. I originally wrote a simple php script that utilized the lastRSS.php class for parsing feeds on the backend for archival purposes to be used at a later date. I say archival and later date because the site itself did not utilize any of the relational data storage to run the site. The site’s python code and cache was updated by cron scripts every 15 minutes and new data was scp’d from my dev server to my webhost’s servers.  This process eventually was quite randomly run since my development server rack in the garage at home gets really hot during the summer months and I ended up taking the servers offline unless I was actively using them for other purposes. You could say the priority of the site came …

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The ephemeral glory of books

A picture says it all. Special offers at a FrOSCon books booth.
For how long is an IT book in its prime?

Improved Cacti monitoring templates for MySQL

Download MySQL Cacti templates

As promised, I’ve created some improved software for monitoring MySQL via Cacti. I began using the de facto MySQL Cacti templates a while ago, but found some things I needed to improve about them. As time passed, I rewrote everything from scratch. The resulting templates are much improved.

You can grab the templates by browsing the source repository on the project’s homepage.

In no particular order, here are some things I improved:

  • Standard polling interval and graph size by default.
  • Full captions on every graph; you don’t have to guess at how big the values are. Each graph has current, max, and average values printed at the bottom for every value on …
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Which MyXML?

Ok. We may all (maybe not really "all") agree that XML in a relational DB is a cool thing. But which kind of approach should we use to store non tabular data in a typical tabular infrastructure?

Personally I don't like hybrids. The core of a RDBMS is designed to be efficient and with a relatively small footprint. Inflating the core with some features that would probably be helpful to not more than the 30% of the projects (to be optimistic, but this percentage is a good reason to think about XML in a DB), does not justify the extra overhead.
Unfortunately, an XML storage engine. On the contrary, it would make things worse, because we would translate queries twice - Xquery to SQL then to XQuery again (the big fans of MySQL internals will forgive me for this simplification).

My interest for a XOR (XML Over Relational) approach goes back to several years ago, mainly because in my past life I have designed a couple of …

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How To Add A File Extension To vim Syntax Highlighting

Today I was asked a question about defining custom extensions for vim syntax highlighting such that, for example, vim would know that example.lmx is actually of type xml and apply xml syntax highlighting to it. I know vim already automatically does it not just based on extension but by looking for certain strings inside the text, like <?xml but what if my file doesn't have such strings?

After digging around I found the solution. Add the following to ~/.vimrc (the vim configuration file):

syntax on
filetype on
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.lmx set filetype=xml

After applying it, my .lmx file is highlighted:

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PostgreSQL Conference East 2008

As a I wrote a couple of days ago, I went to the second day of PostgreSQL Conference East 2008 last Sunday. I had a good time and really enjoyed meeting everyone, listening, learning, and occasionally talking. I asked a number of fearless-newbie questions that paid off handsomely: people were very willing to humor me. I also left with a beautiful t-shirt, mug, and bag combo thanks to EnterpriseDB. The bag has already been put to use for a grocery shopping trip.

Note to conference/website organizers: I can’t link to anything but the front page, so I assume my link above will someday point to the 2009 conference, or the 2008 West conference. It would be good to give each event a permalink right from the start…

One thing that surprised me was the distance …

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Is it time for MyXML?

Yes, that's correct, it's not a typo. Who needs XML over RDBMS?
So far, there has been a relatively small group of users who were demanding more XML features within or combined with MySQL. Perhaps it's because XML is not a big deal in the classic LAMP implementation of web-based services, but the more we penetrate the Enterprise market, the more XML is becoming an interesting topic. I am quite sure that we will move from the classic "nice to have" to the typical "commodity feature" in quite a short time, especially if we will improve our presence as the back end DB for J2EE apps and web services.

Let's be honest, the new nice XML features in 5.1 are still away from a good and proper XML coverage. They are great if we are going to store XML elements within columns of a table, but they are not really helpful if we need to use an XML interface to interact with our DB.

For what it's worth, although the fat 4 (Oracle, …

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