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Loading Arbitary XML documents into MySQL tables with p_load_xml

Many years ago, I wrote about importing XML data into MySQL using ExtractValue(). The reason I'm revisiting the subject now is that I recently received an email request in relation to my old blog post:

I came across one of your blogs on importing XML data to MySQL using ExtractData() and I am trying to do the same using MySQL (5.5) database. However, I am new to this kind of method and would like to seek your expertise on this.

I have an XML file that looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <wovoml xmlns=""
 version="1.1.0" xsi:schemaLocation=" phread2.xsd">
  <SingleStationEvent code="VTAG_20160405000000" owner1="169" …
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Restoring XML-formatted MySQL dumps

EAVB_VFZUHIARHI To whom it may concern -

The mysqldump program can be used to make logical database backups. Although the vast majority of people use it to create SQL dumps, it is possible to dump both schema structure and data in XML format. There are a few bugs (#52792, #52793) in this feature, but these are not the topic of this post.XML output from mysqldumpDumping in XML format is done with the --xml or -X option. In addition, you should use the --hex-blob option otherwise the BLOB data will …

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