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LINBIT at LinuxCon and LPC

LINBIT will be a proud sponsor at this year’s LinuxCon in Portland, OR, held on September 21-23. We will also participate in the Linux Plumbers Conference, co-located with LinuxCon.

Phil is to speak at LinuxCon about DRBD 8.3 and beyond. At LPC, we will primarily focus on building highly available storage systems with DRBD, Pacemaker, and the STGT and LIO

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451 CAOS Links 2009.07.28

Intuit launches open source project. SFLC on Microsoft GPL violation accusations.

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# Intuit launched open source projects and community to develop apps based on its Intuit Partner Platform, while Savio Rodrigues declared Intuit’s open source play is all business.

# SFLC’s Bradley Kuhn told SDTimes Microsoft was in violation of the GPL.

# MySQL and Memcached-based appliance vendor Schooner Info Tech has raised $20m in Series B funding.

# …

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451 CAOS Links 2009.06.02

Cloudera lands funding. SourceForge acquires Ohloh. Novell reports Linux growth. And more.

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Cloudera shows signs of progress

GigaOM reported that Cloudera raised $6m Series B funding from Accel and Greylock and is now looking beyond web applications to wider enterprise adoption of Hadoop. Cloudera also announced its first certification program for Hadoop.

Open source goes mainstream in the UK
There have been signs of change recently with regards to open source adoption in the UK, which has traditionally lagged behind the rest of Europe and the US. CBR Magazine provided an analysis of …

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innotop is available from openSUSE buildservice

RPM packages for innotop, a flexible and powerful MySQL and InnoDB monitor I wrote, are now available through the openSUSE buildservice, which builds RPMS on several platforms. Thanks to Lenz Grimmer, SUSE Linux, and Dr. Peter Poeml for making this happen.

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