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Online Schema Changes on Tables with Foreign Keys in MySQL

pt-online-schema-change is an amazing tool for assisting in table modifications in cases where ONLINE ALTER is not an option. But if you have foreign keys, this could be an interesting and important read for you. Tables with foreign keys are always complicated, and they have to be handled with care. The use case I am […]

MySQL 9.0 Includes a New Option for Explaining Queries

MySQL 9.0 is an Innovation Release, but as you may have read in my Quick Peek, I found little innovation. However, one new item caught my eye, and it could be a way to track query performance. MySQL 9.0 EXPLAIN enhancement Here is the syntax that will be referenced in the post. {EXPLAIN | DESCRIBE […]

How to Have a Single MySQL User Account From Specific Hosts

In this article, we will demonstrate how to have a single MySQL database user account that can connect from specific hosts. We would usually implement it by creating separate user accounts with the same username but different hosts/IPs like <USER>@<HOST1>, <USER>@<HOST2> …. <USER>@<HOSTn>. Then, give those users the same grants(privileges/roles) and settings(password, SSL, etc). Instead […]

Ultimate Guide to Improving MySQL Query Performance

MySQL is certainly a powerful open source database management system, but even the most robust engine struggles when queries take an eternity to execute. For DBAs and developers, improving MySQL query performance is an ongoing goal. Efficient query performance is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation and optimal user experience of applications powered by MySQL […]

Using pt-online-schema-change for Purging Rows and Reclaiming Disk Space in a Single Operation

You probably missed the news, but… PT-1751: Adds –where param to pt-online-schema-change This brings the possibility to perform what I would call an “inverted purge” because you are not actually purging rows from your multi-terabyte table, but rather, you copy the small percentage of rows you want to keep to a new table and then […]

Percona Server for MySQL and Percona XtraBackup Now Available for ARM64

We’re excited to announce that both Percona Server for MySQL and Percona XtraBackup now support the ARM64 architecture on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8/9 and Oracle Linux (OL) 8/9. The packages with the aarch64.rpm extension can be found on Percona Software Downloads. The aarch64.rpm file extension indicates that the RPM package is specifically built for the ARM64 architecture and intended […]

Do Not Upgrade to Any Version of MySQL After 8.0.37

Warning! Recently, Jean-François Gagné opened a bug on #115517; unfortunately, the bug is now private. However, the bug looks quite serious. We at Percona have performed several tests and opened the issue PS-9306 to investigate the problem. In short, what happens is that if you create a large number of tables, like 10000, the […]

MyLoader Is Now Importing at Full Speed

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of importing a single file with multiple connections. Why? Simply because we have scenarios where we end up importing a big file with a single loader thread. Well, I have good news: since the release of 0.16.3-1, we are able to do it. There are […]

MySQL 9.0 Community Edition: A Quick Peek

MySQL 9.0 was released on July 1, 2024. This is an ‘Innovation’ release, which means it provides access to the latest features and improvements in MySQL technologies. Innovation releases are the opposite of the Long Term Support (LTS) releases, where stability is the top priority, and only needed security and other fixes are available. This […]

Why Are Queries with Many IN Values More Expensive After Upgrading to MySQL 8.x?

Some of our Percona Support customers report performance degradation after a major MySQL upgrade, and there can be many different reasons for this. These days, the most common major upgrade is from MySQL 5.7 (which recently reached EOL) to 8.0, and I am going to emphasize one important case that affects many database instances. Range […]

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