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ProxySQL Series : Percona Cluster/MariaDB Cluster (Galera) Read-write Split

ProxySQL is the most preferred and is widely used for load-balancing MySQL workload, thanks to Rene Cannon & Team for the great tool, and kudos on the recent release of ProxySQL 1.4.10, with a lot of bug fixes. ProxySQL is simple in design, lightweight, highly efficient and feature rich, We have been working with ProxySQL in production for our client quite a sometime, we have also shared some of our encounters/experience and use cases in the below blogs.

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ProxySQL Series: Mirroring MySQL Queries

This is our third blog in the ProxySQL Series

  1. MySQL Replication Read-write Split up

  2. Seamless Replication Switchover Using MHA

This blog post explains one of the very important use case of ProxySQL called Mirroring.

Mirroring in ProxySQL is not an equivalent to MySQL replication. Also it does not guarantee data consistency across the servers but still there are a few cases where this feature of ProxySQL can take advantage.

Let us consider we have Master-Slave replication running behind ProxySQL with MySQL 5.6 Writes and Reads are served by Master and Slave …

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ProxySQL Series: Seamless Replication Switchover Using MHA

This is our second blog in the ProxySQL Series ( Blog I MySQL Replication Read-write Split up ). Will cover how to integrate ProxySQL with MHA to handle failover of Database servers.

We already have Master – Slave replication setup behind ProxySQL from previous blog [ProxySQL On MySQL Replication]

For this setup we have added one more node for MHA Manager , Which will keep eye on Master and Slave status.

  • node5 ( , MHA Manager

ProxySQL can be greatly configured with MHA for …

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Scale with Maxscale part-4 (Amazon Aurora)

This is part-4 of the Maxscale Blog series

  1. Maxscale and Galera
  2. Maxscale Basic Administration
  3. Maxscale for Replication

Maxscale started supporting Amazon Aurora lately from its version 2.1 which comes with a BSL license, we are good until we use only 3 nodes, …

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ProxySQL Series: MySQL Replication Read-write Split up.

At Mydbops we always thrive to provide the best MySQL Solutions. We are exploring the modern SQL load balancers. We have planned to write a series of blog on ProxySQL.

The first blog in this series is  how to set up ProxySQL for MySQL Replication Topology including Read / Write Split and some background over ProxySQL.

What is ProxySQL ?

  • ProxySQL is a open-source high-performance SQL aware proxy. It runs as a daemon watched by a monitoring process.
  • ProxySQL seats between application and db servers.
  • The daemon accepts incoming traffic from MySQL clients and forwards it to backend MySQL servers.

A few most commonly used features are : …

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