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How to do user language/locale detection quickly without Zend Framework

Recently I wrote about detecting the preferred language or locale of a web site visitor, using Zend Framework.

Well, I have to start with one correction. In my last blog post about this topic I talked about the User Agent String, but since I wrote the article, I figured out that the User Agent String doesn’t play any role at all. Neither in the Zend Framework variant that I blogged about earlier, nor in today’s code. And that is good so, because both Internet Explorer and …

[Read more]’s 5th birthday

To my shame I must admit, I missed it. It happened on June 29, 2005 when was first available to the public. At that time it was running MySQL 5.0.7 beta. Quite a lot has happened since then, MySQL 5.0 made its way up to 5.0.91 and the current MySQL GA version is 5.1.49, which is also the version is running as of today. The first phpMyAdmin version that was offering to provide easy access to the user’s databases was 2.6.3. Today I updated phpMyAdmin to 3.3.5.

Statistics are not necessarily 100 % accurate, but here is the best I can come up with. Since its launch, had 528,900 visits. The ratio registrations per visits is at about …

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How to detect the user’s preferred language – smarter than Google

Sometimes I find Google annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of the many Google haters out there. They have done amazing things and especially since they have released WebM as Open Source and royalty free video format, they have earned a bonus in my attitude towards them. And even though Google Chrome is not my personal favorite, I have to admit that Chrome has brought a great momentum into the development of web browsers (and therefor the WWW as a whole) which users of any browser benefit from. Last but not least, I use a lot of Google’s services and they do their job quite well. So all in all, Google’s record from my point of view is pretty good.

But one thing really sucks. I use an English operating system. I use an English Firefox (locale en-US). All the language preferences in the Google profiles of my …

[Read more] blog has moved and what’s new

It was about time to switch to something new.

I finally have my new blog launched at which is something that I had planned for quite a while. This new blog is a replacement for my old blog at where people will find news and posts about and MySQL. But since used to be specific to and MySQL (implied by its name), it was not a good place to blog about various different topics as well, which I found increasingly limiting. So I decided for a new blog, run by WordPress, which will allow me to categorize my blog posts to target people who are interested in specific topics.

Some of them will be:

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Preparing for the MySQL Conference

Hello from Santa Clara, California! I've arrived here yesterday and am staying with Giuseppe and Jan in the same hotel. Currently, the weather isn't that nice and we're all busy making preparations for the upcoming MySQL conference next week.

I'm fiddling with my slide deck for my talk about "A look into a MySQL DBA's toolchest", realizing that there is such a wealth of great tools that it's unlikely to cover them all in a 45-minute session. But I hope it will give the audience some inspiration about what tools to take a closer look at!

On a related note, I've just reconfigured …

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My upcoming event schedule for this year

This time of the year is usually a very busy one, as there are plenty of events and conferences to attend. Just take a look at our calendar of OSS events on the MySQL Forge to see what I mean! Here's a quick summary of the ones that I will attend and speak at until the end of this year:

On November 14-15, I'll attend the openSQL Camp in Portland (OR), USA. I missed the first one that took place in Charlottesville (VA) in 2008, but had a lot of fun organizing the European Edition earlier this year. The upcoming one will be more like an unconference again - the list of …

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Vote for me! ... widget for your blog.

Most likely you have seen Giuseppe's post showing the latest feature of Planet MySQL. Voting from RSS readers, was one feature I was really hoping for, since the day voting was announced. As I read most blogs using Google Reader.

Now, I don't remember if it was Dups who asked me, or if I asked him, but all I remember is that I ended up writing a little JavaScript widget, that you can add to your blog. This widget allows readers to vote for your blog on Planet MySQL, all from within your blog.

Why would you want to add this JavaScript to your blog?
Because you want to make it very easy for your readers to vote if …

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Beefing up community feeds

If you weren't paying attention, you may have missed the latest news in Planet MySQL. A few months ago, the site has added the ability of voting for posts (in addition to searching and tagging, which make it much more useful than it was before).
However, if you, like many, read Planet MySQL using a feed reader, the recent benefits are not easily usable.
To allow everyone to vote on the posts they like, even from a feed reader, the feeds now include two links at the end of for each post, to vote on a deserving post even from a feed reader.

The feed may look like this one:

Since I liked this post, I can click on Vote UP, and the link opens in my …

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Tags and Searching on PlanetMySQL

Well, let me cut right to the chase. You can finally search the archives of PlanetMySQL. Yes, just go to the sidebar, enter your query and off you go. Yes, it is using a MySQL fulltext search index, and why not, we are MySQL after all ;) The search is happening in Boolean Mode so all the operators and expectations for doing such a search will help you find whatever you are looking for.

But Wait...! There's a bit more than that.

You might notice under each post title there's a new row of words.

We've been importing the tags you place on your posts for years, we just never did anything with them. So what can you do?

* You can see how people tagged their posts
* You can click on a tag and see all the similar tags across PlanetMySQL
* …

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From Russia with Blogs: PlanetMySQL in Russian

My colleague Lenz might have forgotten to post before he disappeared on a well-deserved vacation but we've enabled Russian as a choice in PlanetMySQL. Feel free to start submitting your Russian language blogs.

Russian Language PlanetMySQL:
New feed submissions:

We haven't completely translated all the strings yet (that's my fault, I need to stringify the vote stuff) but we're getting there!

(EDIT: LenZ is not on vacation... in fact he is at PHPDay2009 in Verona, Italy... sorry LenZ)

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