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Evaluating MySQL Parallel Replication Part 3: Benchmarks in Production
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Tue, 2015-09-01 11:17jeanfrancoisgagne

Parallel replication is a much-expected feature of MySQL. It is available in MariaDB 10.0 and in MySQL 5.7. In this 3rd post of the series, we present benchmark results from production environments.

This is a repost of Jean-François Gagné's blog post on

Note: this post has an annex: …

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Orchestrator 1.4.340: GTID, binlog servers, Smart Mode, failovers and lots of goodies
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Orchestrator 1.4.340 is released. Not quite competing with the MySQL latest changelog, and as I haven't blogged about orchestrator featureset in a while, this is a quick listing of orchestrator features available since my last publication:

  • Supports GTID (Oracle & MariaDB)
    • GTID still not being used in automated recovery -- in progress.
    • enable-gtid, …
  [Read more...]’s Jean-François Gagné on Percona Live Amsterdam
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The travel website is also a dedicated contributor to the MySQL and Perl community. Other open source technologies include CentOS Linux, Nginx, python, puppet, Git and more.

A Diamond sponsor of Percona Live Amsterdam Sept. 21-23, you can meet the people who power at booth 205. Enter promo …

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First Release of dbForge Data Generator for MySQL
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Today, Devart is proud to announce the release of a new product – dbForge Data Generator for MySQL v1.0!

Cached linkbench performance for MySQL 5.7.8, 5.6, WebScale and MyRocks
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This extends previous results for Linkbench to compare performance for a cached database with concurrent clients. My conclusions are:

  • InnoDB compression in the Facebook patch for MySQL 5.6 is much faster for insert-heavy workloads than the same feature in upstream 5.6 and 5.7. Too bad those changes might not reach upstream
  • InnoDB …

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High-load clusters and desynchronized nodes on Percona XtraDB Cluster
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There can be a lot of confusion and lack of planning in Percona XtraDB Clusters in regards to nodes becoming desynchronized for various reasons.  This can happen a few ways:

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MySQL replication in action - Part 5 - parallel appliers
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Previous episodes:

MySQL replication monitoring 101MySQL replication in action - Part 1: GTID & CoMySQL replication in action - Part 2 - Fan-in topologyMySQL replication in action - Part 3 - …  [Read more...]
Unexpected Memory Consumption for Bulk Index Creation in InnoDB (MySQL)
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In my last Hackathon, I worked on MyISAM vs InnoDB for data loading (LOAD DATA IN FILE) and bulk index creation.  My motivation was the following: knowing that some are still using MyISAM for this particular use-case, I wanted to verify/understand if/why InnoDB is slower than MyISAM.  I do not yet have complete results on this specific subject but I found some interesting things that

First day with InnoDB transparent page compression
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I ran linkbench overnight for a database that started at 100G using MySQL 5.7.8 and InnoDB transparent page compression. After ~24 hours I have 1 mysqld crash with nothing in the error log. I don't know if that is related to bug 77738. I will attach gdb and hope for another crash. For more about transparent page compression read here, …

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Log Buffer #438: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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This Log Buffer Edition covers Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server blog posts from the last week.


Integrating Telstra Public SMS API into Bluemix

Adaptive Query Optimization in Oracle 12c : Ongoing Updates

First flight into the Oracle Mobile Cloud

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