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Voting for talks at the Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016
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So this year the Percona Live conference has a new name — it is the “Data Performance Conference” (presumably for a much broader appeal and the fact that Percona is now in the MongoDB world as well). And the next new thing to note? You have to go through a process of “community voting”, i.e. the speaker has to promote their talks before via their own channels to see how many votes they can get (we tried this before at the MySQL & Friends Devroom at FOSDEM; in this case, please remember you also need to create a new …

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Log Buffer #451: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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The show goes on. This Log Buffer Edition picks some blogs which are discussing new and old features of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


  • Directory Usage Parameters (ldap.ora) list the host names and port number of the primary and alternate LDAP directory servers.
  • Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) is a new Oracle Cloud Service. It is a subset offering of the currently supported …
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MySQL Performance: Improved Connect/sec Rate in MySQL 5.7
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This article is continuing the MySQL 5.7 Performance story, started from 1.6M QPS on MySQL 5.7 details post , then 1M QPS on mixed OLTP_RO with MySQL 5.7 article, and detailed story about why the …

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Webinar replay & slides for MySQL DBAs: performing live database upgrades in replication & Galera setups
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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our recent live webinar on performing live database upgrades for MySQL Replication & Galera, led by Krzysztof Książek. The replay and slides to the webinar are now available to watch and read online via the links below.

During this live webinar, Krzysztof covered one of the most basic, but essential tasks of the DBA: minor and major database upgrades in production environments.

Watch the replay

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Introducing the Profiler Tool
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For a long time we’ve been dissatisfied with the fact that we had two separate tools to do the same thing: Top Processes and Top Queries rank processes and queries respectively by a metric of your choice. For example you may rank queries by frequency, or rank databases by total execution time. There’s a lot of shared functionality and at the same time there’s so much more we could do with the metrics we’re capturing from your systems.

Today we are releasing a new tool called Profiler to replace Top Queries and Top Processes, so now we have one tool to do the job of two. Simplifying is always a good thing.

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Standard SQL/JSON and MySQL 5.7 JSON
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Support for storing and querying JSON within SQL is progressing for the ANSI/ISO SQL Standard, and for MySQL 5.7. I'll look at what's new, and do some comparisons.

The big picture

The standard document says

The SQL/JSON path language is a query language used by certain SQL operators (JSON_VALUE, JSON_QUERY, JSON_TABLE, and JSON_EXISTS, collectively known as the SQL/JSON query operators) to query JSON text.The SQL/JSON path language is not, strictly speaking, SQL, though it is embedded in these operators within SQL. Lexically and syntactically, the SQL/JSON path language adopts many features of ECMAScript, though it is neither a …

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Loss-less failover using MySQL semi-syncronous replication and MySQL Fabric!
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In my last post playing with MySQL fabric here and here I used MySQL fabric version 1.4.1 and MySQL 5.6, i must say lot's of things have happened over the last 20 months! MySQL have released several new versions of MySQL Fabric and also a new version of the server with MySQL 5.7.

Current GA version of MySQL Fabric is 1.5.6 and there is also a MySQL Fabric 1.6.2 beta, both versions can be downloaded from  …

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JSON memory consumption
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I got some more questions on the new JSON data type and functions during our TechTours. And I like to summarize the answers in this blogpost.
Memory consumption The binary format of the JSON data type should consume more memory. But how much? I did a little test by comparing a freshly loaded 25,000 row dataset stored as JSON and stored as TEXT. Seven top level attributes per JSON document. Average JSON_DEPTH is 5.9 . Let's see:

mysql> DESC data_as_text;
| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| id | int(11) …

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A Gratitude List
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A gratitude list is one of my favorite ways to influence my mood. Here’s a gratitude list on Thanksgiving Day 2015 (United States) to express some of the reasons we are so fortunate at VividCortex to have great customers, employees, investors, advisors, friends, vendors, community, and more. This list will omit lots of things and people equally worthy of inclusion, but that’s the point–a gratitude list only makes you aware of how much larger than 26 the list really is.

Amazon Web Services, without whom VividCortex would have been much harder to get off the ground.

Bugsnag, which helps us diagnose many confusing …

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Smallest MySQL Server in the World (under $60) which can even make you toast while fixing MySQL bug #2
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In my last blog post, Internet of Things, Messaging and MySQL, I have showed how to start your own Internet of Things with Particle Photon board. That implementation is great, but requires constant internet (wi-fi) access as the Particle Photon board does not have any local storage. If you do not have a reliable network access (i.e. in some remote places) or need something really small to store your data you can now use …

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