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Analyzing Related Metrics With VividCortex
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Last week we announced our new query and metric listing and detail pages, which provide deep drilldown into individual queries and metrics for exploration and analysis. Today I want to show you one of the new features included in the Metric detail page. We have used it in a variety of scenarios for customers and for our internal analysis. We’ll cover some of the usage cases and success stories in future blog posts; here I’ll just give an overview of the capability.

To begin with, suppose you found a metric with an interesting …

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How to setup a LAMP development environment in Vagrant
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In the previous tutorial, we have learned about the basics of Vagrant. In this tutorial, we will move to next level and will learn more about Vagrant and setting up LAMP development environment in Vagrant. To start with, LAMP stands for: Linux (OS/Kernel), Apache (Web Server), MySQL (Database), PHP (Scripting Language). It is an open-source Web development environment which lets you create web applications. It is generally also referred as Web Stack.

MariaDB 10.0.17 Overview and Highlights
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MariaDB 10.0.17 was recently released, and is available for download here:

This is the eighth GA release of MariaDB 10.0, and 18th overall release of MariaDB 10.0.

For the most part, there are not a whole lot of new changes to report for this release, but there is a new version of the Audit Plugin and many other engines have been updated as well.

Here are the main items of note:

  1. The new version of the Audit Plugin is 1.2 is included with the following new features:
    • In …
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MariaDB 10.0.16 Overview and Highlights
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MariaDB 10.0.16 was recently released (~1.5 months ago on 1/27/2015 – sorry for the delay on my end – I was just extra busy in my spare time recently), and is available for download here:

This is the seventh GA release of MariaDB 10.0, and 17th overall release of MariaDB 10.0.

For the most part, there are not a whole lot of changes to report for this release, but there are 2 enhancements of note – one being the JSON table type (still *experimental*) and the other a new variable to aid with index statistics …

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MySQL going to challenge MongoDB with native JSON ?
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When looking at Percona live Santa Clara 2015 agenda I saw two intriguing conferences : - JSON support in MySQL 5.7 – Docstore: document database for MySQL at Facebook

Both conference are talking about supporting a native JSON type in MySQL ! This sounds really great. I have never seen any blog post or github [...]

Plan to remove sql-bench from MySQL 5.7
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In the MySQL team, we are planning to remove sql-bench from the MySQL 5.7 sources.

As the README file denotes, SQL Bench is a benchmark utility that supports MySQL 3.20 and 3.21, PostgreSQL 6.#, mSQL 2.# and Solid Server 2.2. It has not been well maintained for recent versions, and we are no longer using it internally as part of our testing process.

Our aim in making this change is to:

  • Improve the manageability of our git repository by …
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systemd Centos7 => MySQL/MariaDB
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As the systemd integration keeps on getting forward. It is hardly to be ignored by us MySQL folks :)

Lets have a look into a simple problem, you are not going to solve like you used to solve it. (At least on Centos7 installing the MariaDB package)

Increasing table_open_cache was only a configuration issue. As mysqld was started as root and then switching to the unix user mysql. On Centos7 this was not working anymore. As MariaDB/MySQL ist startet with a service file starting the process as user mysql:


As not root …

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Improving your MariaDB Back-Up Plan
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Wed, 2015-03-04 10:26stephanevaroqui

Every organization needs a good database back-up plan, to include plans for data restoration. Such a plan should include, of course making proper back-ups and doing in a way that won't disturb user traffic. It should also include making sure that you're ready to restore back-ups quickly, so that your organization can operate with minimal downtime and without loss of data when a problem occurs. There are many things such as these to consider for developing a good back-up and restoration plan.

Full Back-Ups

It's strongly recommended to make a back-up of all of the databases in the same dump. …

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Restart phases of a node restart in MySQL Cluster
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In MySQL Cluster 7.4 we have worked on improving the speed of restarts.
In addition we have made it easier to track how fast the restarts are
proceeding and to see which phases of the restart take a long time.

For this purpose we have added a new Ndbinfo table in MySQL Cluster 7.4.
I will try to explain the restart phases in a series of blogs and how they map
to the columns in this Ndbinfo table.

First some short intro to concepts in MySQL Cluster. LCP stands for local
checkpoints and this is where the main memory content of tables are
written to disk at regular …

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Free eBook: Practical Guide to Query Optimization for MySQL and PostgreSQL
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The Practical Guide to Query Optimization for MySQL and PostgreSQL is a must read for any DBA or developer who wants to maximize resources, ship code faster, and do more to delight users.


Profiling is the science of categorizing, sorting, and ranking system work to determine where time, money, and resources are spent within the system. Profiling database workload is an essential skill for any database administrator or developer and is the first step to optimizing performance. This book is the first in a series. It teaches you the tools and techniques you’ll need to profile one or many MySQL or …

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