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Automated testing on devices
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As part of the Netflix SDK team, our responsibility is to ensure the new release version of the Netflix application is thoroughly tested to its highest operational quality before deploying onto gaming consoles and distributing as an SDK (along with a reference application) to Netflix device partners; eventually making its way to millions of smart TV’s and set top boxes (STB’s). Overall, our testing is responsible for the quality of Netflix running on millions of gaming consoles and internet connected TV’s/STB’s.
Unlike software releases on the server side, the unique challenge with releases on devices is that there can be no …

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October 10: Baron Schwartz at The Boston MySQL Meetup Group
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Calling all Bostonian MySQL professionals, experts, amateurs, and enthusiasts! On October 10, Baron Schwartz, VividCortex's founder and CEO, will join the Boston MySQL Meetup Group for a presentation titled "Meeting the Challenges of Monitoring in the Cloud."

As DBaaS and "serverless" systems increasingly underlie the current paradigm for app development, understanding the best ways to gain visibility into cloud-based systems is becoming ever more important. Between Baron's experience building VividCortex, a cloud-based database …

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Installing MariaDB MaxScale the Hard Way
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Mon, 2016-08-29 14:10Anders Karlsson

If you are like me (let's for everyones sake hope you are not, though), you like to do things the hard way, in particular when it comes to testing things. For example, when installing things on your Linux box, just to try them out, you might not want to do a yum install, an rpm -ivh or an apt-get to have some files spread all over your system. Instead you want to tar xvf some tarball and possibly, if you are in a good mood or you want to be nice so you get some gifts for the holidays or maybe because it is just that day, you unpack that tarball in /usr/local instead of in /home/bofh/junk. And this will usually …

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Creating a MariaDB MaxScale router module
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I wanted to do some tests with MariaDB MaxScale and realized that the two existing routers (beyond the binlog router that is, which is a bit special) didn't do what I wanted them to do. What I was looking for was a simple round-robin feature and none of readconnroute nor readwritesplit could be configured to do this, they are just too smart for my simple experiment.

Why would you want a round-robin router then? Well, one use case is when you are INSERTing a lot of data and you just want to persist it. You don't have the use case where you have to SELECT data from all servers, but in the case you need it, you just select from all …

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Configuring MariaDB Master and MariaDB MaxScale for Data Streaming
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Fri, 2016-08-26 09:06Massimiliano Pinto

In the previous blog, I introduced Data Streaming with MariaDB MaxScale. In this post, I will show you how to configure a MariaDB Master server and MariaDB MaxScale to stream binary log events from the Master server to MaxScale, and convert them to AVRO records.

First of all, some checks and eventually some modifications will be needed in the MariaDB 10 database.

Configuring the Master Database

MariaDB MaxScale requires that the binary log events provided to each row be …

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Some thoughts on recent events
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It was suggested by Monty that the posts I've made about MariaDB are for publicity. This simply isn't true. I would have much preferred a different outcome in my interactions with MariaDB. I figured that they would end up giving me a hard time, and I'd be stubborn and we'd both hate each other for as long as I could keep from leaving. A quick separation actually seems much better in such context. Regardless, I would have preferred to speak amicably to the MariaDB Corporation about switching the license back, or at least moving to the new license at the time of the notification of the community, ie …

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LaraconEU 2016 - Overview
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Last time I went to LaraconEU as in 2014 as speaker in the community track, it was my first international event ever speaking in english and I had jitters from it.

A lot a friends were made and it was nice to see all of them again this year.

What I also like about LaraconEU it is a Laravel conference that doesn’t talk always about Laravel, being a bit less insular than one would imagine.

Shawn McCool and his team made a great job this year and I was very honoured this year to be in the Track #1 (Blue Track).

The first round of applauses when I was introducing myself and saying …

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Google Cloud SQL Second Generation is available
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Recently Google announced, that the second generation of Cloud SQL left the beta state and it is available. I decided to take a look, because last time when I checked it, it looked good, but I couldn’t take it seriously because of the nonexistent SLA. I have a few databases running on Amazon RDS, but I don’t […]

Develop By Example – Working with custom queries using Node.js
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In all the previous blog posts we covered a lot of examples of how to perform actions in a MySQL server set up as a document store. In all the code examples we used the XSession to communicate to the MySQL server.

The XSession is a logical session that abstracts our connection. With it, we can be connected to one or more servers and also give us the required support to work with collections and relational tables. But there is something that the XSession …

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MariaDB 10.0.27 now available
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The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB 10.0.27. See the release notes and changelog for details on this release. Download MariaDB 10.0.27 Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB 10.0? MariaDB APT and YUM Repository Configuration Generator Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!

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