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MySQL Workbench on Fedora
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The early release of Fedora 20 disallowed installation of MySQL Workbench but the current version allows it. Almost like Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow without the drama. All you need to do is follow my earlier instructions for installing MySQL on Fedora 20. I’d check your kernel to know whether it’s supported. You can check that with this command:

<shell> uname -r

My Fedora is at the following version:


Then, you can install MySQL Workbench with yum, like this:

<shell> sudo yum install mysql-workbench

It generates the following log file, and if you have Oracle 11g XE installed you can ignore the mime-type error:

Loaded plugins: langpacks,
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The Road to MySQL 5.6: Default Options
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When you're testing out a new version of MySQL in a non-production environment there is a temptation to go wild and turn on all kinds of new features.  Especially if you're reading the changelogs or the manual and scanning through options.  You want to start with the most reasonable set of defaults, right?  Maybe you're even doing benchmarks to optimize performance using all the new bells and whistles.

Resist the temptation!  If your goal is to upgrade your production environment then what you really want is to isolate changes.  You want to preform the upgrade with as little to no impact as possible.  Then you can start turning on features or making changes one-by-one.

Why?  Anytime you're doing a major upgrade to something as fundamental as your core RDBMS, there are many ways things can go wrong.  Performance

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Simulating Add Column If Not Exists in MySQL with common_schema
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Some MySQL DDL commands such as CREATE TABLE and DROP TABLE support an IF [NOT] EXISTS option which allows you to downgrade the error to a warning if you try to create something that already exists or drop something that doesn't exist.

For example this gives an error:

mysql> drop table sakila.fake_table; ERROR 1051 (42S02): Unknown table 'sakila.fake_table'

And this gives a warning:

``` mysql> drop table if exists sakila.fake_table; Query OK, 0 rows affected, 1 warning (0.00 sec)

Note (Code 1051): Unknown table 'sakila.fake_table' ```

You may also want to use IF [NOT] EXISTS for column-level changes such as ADD COLUMN and DROP COLUMN, but MySQL does not support that.

Read on for some

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Announcing Planet MySQL: Meta
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A couple of months back, I wrote that we were looking to improve the quality of Planet MySQL. Today, I am very excited to share the results of this with the announcement of Planet MySQL: Meta.

What is Meta?

Meta is a new category of posts that appear on Planet MySQL, which is intended for posts that are more social and less technical in nature. That is to say that instead of all posts appearing in one central feed, blog authors will now be able to target their posts for either Planet MySQL or Planet MySQL: Meta.

Readers will also have a choice as to which categories of posts they would like to subscribe to:

The +more above denotes

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Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2014
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For those of you lucky enough to come and listen to all the great talks within the MySQL Central @ Oracle OpenWorld this year, I’ll also be giving a talk about the MySQL sys schema this year.

This builds upon the talks that I’ve given in the past around Performance Schema, as well as some of the great looking talks on Performance Schema that are on the schedule this year by other MySQL @ Oracle engineers (see below).

The schedule builder is now live, here are some of the other

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MySQL at the PyCon Japan
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MySQL team is attending the PyCon Japan conference on September 13-15, 2014, our local colleagues will be available for your questions either at our MySQL booth or around the conference. We are also having a MySQL Lightening talk, please watch the conference schedule for any updates. 

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld, Focus on the Hands-On Labs
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Earlier this week I blogged about the MySQL Central @ OpenWorld tutorials. Let's focus today on the Hands-On Labs (HOLs), giving you the opportunity to get hands-on experience across a number of MySQL areas.

All HOLs will be held at the Nikko hotel. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, September 30

DevOps Made Easy with MySQL Utilities

Charles Bell, Software Development Manager, Oracle - 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Hotel Nikko - Bay View

Practical Introduction to MySQL Monitoring for Oracle Enterprise Manager Users

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Summer Progress & Collaboration
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Fri, 2014-09-12 07:15patriksallner

Over the summer, SkySQL has taken big strides in our collaboration with strategic partners. Our relationship with IBM has deepened and broadened as the porting and optimization of MariaDB on Power8 servers has progressed. The performance results look very promising and this collaboration is already opening some very exciting discussions with lead customers.

We also continue to work closely with Red Hat as the pace of upgrades to RHEL7 with MariaDB included is accelerating. Both Rackspace and Pivotal have recently integrated MariaDB into their cloud architectures and we are working with Tesora to integrate MariaDB into the OpenStack Trove project.

These partnerships are further growing the adoption of MariaDB among both large enterprises and the broader open source

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How to shrink the ibdata file by transporting tables with Trite
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You’ve probably had some troubles with the shared InnoDB tablespace stored in the ibdata file. Especially when it has grown for some reasons and reached a critical size.

This behavior occurs in some cases, due to excessive rollback segments growth or during a migration from a unique shared tablespace to a file-per-table configuration for example.

In this post, I would like to explain how to shrink the ibdata file after an unwanted file growth in a file-per-table configuration.
Note that the process could be done without Trite but the tool avoids to write the script used to transport tables yourself.

Initial situation

Here is a sample of the InnoDB configuration:

innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:100M:autoextend

And the status of your datafiles in the datadir directory:

drwx------ 2 mysql mysql 4,0K

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OpenStack users shed light on Percona XtraDB Cluster deadlock issues
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I was fortunate to attend an Ops discussion about databases at the OpenStack Summit Atlanta this past May as one of the panelists. The discussion was about deadlock issues OpenStack operators see with Percona XtraDB Cluster (of course this is applicable to any Galera-based solution). I asked to describe what they are seeing, and as it turned out, nova and neutron uses the SELECT … FOR UPDATE SQL construct quite heavily. This is a topic I thought was worth writing

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