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Tales of the trade #5: How to author a super successful MySQL blog

Check out the following tutorial that teaches you how to become a popular MySQL blog author:

Complete strip: tales-of-the-trade-make-your-mysql-blog-popular-full.png

Impressions from MySQL conf 2011, part IV

This post concludes my impressions from some of the talks I’ve been to.


I opened this day’s sessions with a smile.

Antony Curtis and Arjen Lentz have authored the OQGraph storage engine a while back. I had every intention to try it out, but never got round to it. Which is why I was happy to find this session in the conference. OQGraph is a specialized engine, and comes to solve hierarchal or otherwise graph-related queries, such as: “who are the descendants of a given node”, “find a route from a to b”, etc. MySQL does not support the RECURSIVE syntax as Oracle does, and does not provide out-of-the-box solution for that.

The …

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You have to love the Planet MySQL voting system

Within a few hours my post Installing Mediawiki on Oracle Enterprise Linux LAMP stack got 5 negative votes.

Wow, I’d be glad if these people could felt so passionately about all the other CRUD on Planet MySQL that has ZERO to do actually do with MySQL.

Using a LAMP product, and providing instructions for operation can’t be a negative voting offense. So it can only be the words “Oracle Enterprise Linux”.

For those negative people out there that care enough to physically mark blogs let me share some facts with you. RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the most widely used and support platform for production MySQL environments. CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) provide via the freedom of Open Source, their own offerings of RHEL with various other features including …

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Tales of the Trade #4: new home for the MySQL dolphins

Tales of the Trade #2: The Oracle-Sun deal
On free and open blog posts: this post is free

I’d like to criticize and stress some opinions on free and open blog posts, including such appearing on planet MySQL.

Some rants follow; skip if you’re only after technical stuff 1. On free reading

This post is completely free. You don’t need to pay or register to read it, not will you require to pass personal details to comment.

If you happen to see this post on some website, which only provides you with 1st couple of sentences, then asks you to login in order to view the complete text — you should know you need no registration to read this.

Apparently some websites do human aggregation of articles. This in itself is just fine: it is a service. But I don’t like the way they work: they publicly publish the headlines and snippets of aggregated articles, but upon clicking the title, you’re asked to login. There is no reference to the original post; nor to the website where the post has been …

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“Vote for me…” how to embed in WordPress

[Clarification: I'm not actually asking you to vote for me , the title just follows a previous post]

Diego Medina has published a JavaScript code that can be embedded in your blog posts, and which allows for voting on Planet MySQL from within your blog.

Shared below is how to set this up for WordPress users. This is not a WordPress plugin, mind you. You’ll need to manually edit the WordPress template files (can be done from the Dashboard->Appearance->Editor->Single post).

The page you’re likely to edit is single.php, but depending on your template this can change. The explanation below assumes a single post page. This can also be worked out for …

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Vote for me! ... widget for your blog.

Most likely you have seen Giuseppe's post showing the latest feature of Planet MySQL. Voting from RSS readers, was one feature I was really hoping for, since the day voting was announced. As I read most blogs using Google Reader.

Now, I don't remember if it was Dups who asked me, or if I asked him, but all I remember is that I ended up writing a little JavaScript widget, that you can add to your blog. This widget allows readers to vote for your blog on Planet MySQL, all from within your blog.

Why would you want to add this JavaScript to your blog?
Because you want to make it very easy for your readers to vote if …

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Planet MySQL: What are you going to do with voting data?

I'm a fan of voting on planet mysql posts - but I've also realized that since I'm logged in, it allows someone to keep a pretty valuable silo of information on what interests me. If I vote up a Kickfire or Infobright post, should I expect a sales call to follow?

There's nothing in the FAQ about what happens with the data.

Beefing up community feeds

If you weren't paying attention, you may have missed the latest news in Planet MySQL. A few months ago, the site has added the ability of voting for posts (in addition to searching and tagging, which make it much more useful than it was before).
However, if you, like many, read Planet MySQL using a feed reader, the recent benefits are not easily usable.
To allow everyone to vote on the posts they like, even from a feed reader, the feeds now include two links at the end of for each post, to vote on a deserving post even from a feed reader.

The feed may look like this one:

Since I liked this post, I can click on Vote UP, and the link opens in my …

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