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Store a tag-cloud in MySQL

There was a time when tag-clouds were the thing for website owners to fancy oneself. These clouds are mostly gone, but seen from the perspective of how to implement such a thing, one can learn quite a lot, especially with large amounts of links. Anyway, imagine you publish some articles on your website, which are stored in a table "post" and you want to to add tags to every post in order to print a tag-cloud.

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Search the planetary archives, and tag your blog entries

A particular blog entry usually feels relevant and topical when fresh, at least to the author. So let’s say a blog entry even carries some non-zero long-term value. How do you find it after a while? And more importantly, how will your readers find your blog entry?

Descriptive subjects go a long way. But your readers may be searching for “development model” when your header says “release plan”. And even if you anticipate the search words used by your readers, you can only pick one wording for your header.

Full-text search also helps. There’s now a brand new Search field in the top left corner of Planet MySQL. Chances are you’ll find what you look for, no matter if search for “Chinese”, “DRBD”, “development” or “PHP”. You may even search for several words, such as “Chinese, UTF”.

Easy searchability calls for yet a bit more, namely tagging. …

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