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Celebrating Software Freedom Day in Riga, Latvia

As I mentioned some time ago, Software Freedom Day 08 will take place on Saturday, 20th of September 2008.

Coincidentally, the a large number of Sun/MySQL Engineers and other Sun folks will be in Riga, Latvia for an internal developer meeting around this day. To make use of this opportunity, we plan to give a number of sessions and presentations (in english) about various topics and to contribute to this global celebration of Open Source Software.

We've set up a Team Page on the Software Freedom Day web site for this event - the venue will be the …

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Interview at DrupalCon: how to grow your local Drupal User Group

I had a nice chat with Kieran from Acquia at DrupalCon last week - we discussed how people running local Drupal user groups could expand their outreach into other communities, in particular into the MySQL User Groups. Scott Mattoon captured our conversation on video, which is now available on

Click To Play

The gist of what we talked about: if you are organizing a local Drupal User Group Meetup, check out to find …

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The database hacker glossary and other (funny) stories
Every year, MySQL engineers gather together for the developers meeting. It's the time of the highest productivity and fun at the same time. It starts usually by performing an old play, Guess who I am, featuring 100 employees who know each other by name but not by face. At every new entrance, a flurry of introductions is acknowledged and promptly forgotten, leaving the unfamiliar faces deprived of the familiar names. So a few minutes later the same people run around each other again, staring nonchalantly at the name tags, trying to avoid a gaffe. Despite the fierce fight for a name, nobody gets hurt, and in the end the leading actors and support roles go back to the script of exchanging geeky thoughts in person, as confidently as if they were doing that through the IRC.
During these meetings, the following glossary was developed. Its origins …
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Gallery updates and new camera

Last weekend I finally found some time to upload pictures that I had taken during various events that I attended in the past few months. So here are my impressions from the following events:

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Back home after the meeting in Rome with Marten Mickos

Great conference yesterday at “La Sapienza” University in Rome with Marten Mickos and the Italian Team of Sun | MySQL.

I’ve just returned in Triest, my hometown, after 8 hours :( train ride.

Slides should be available the next week, here.

Marten, thank you for coming, I hope to see you in Italy once again!

MySQL Workbench Team Meeting Coming Up

After our MySQL Workbench 5.0 GA release and a hotfix release a week later it is time to start our efforts on the next releases. As many of you might already know, my team is highly distributed and when doing planning tasks it is always good to sit together in a single room. So we will be meeting in Kiev, Ukraine next week.We are going to discuss the progress we have already made on the Linux / OS X / Solaris ports but the main focus will be in the new features for the next main release.A big thank you to everybody who posted their ideas on the forum. If you have not posted yet you are welcome to do so. Everything that is submitted before next week will be considered.

Greetings from the MySQL Confererence in Santa Clara!

I made it to the US safely, even though I almost missed my connecting flight in Heathrow (even my luggage made it, hooray!). I reached the Hotel just in time to directly head off to the traditional pre-conference party at Mårten's house. However, we just stayed there shortly (barely long enough to say hi to everybody) and then headed to the MySQL pre-conference dinner (organized by Arjen). It was nice meeting such a large number of the key MySQL community people in one place! I was especially surprised about the presence of Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green - this added a nice touch!

Today I am attending Stewart's …

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Reminder: MySQL Meetup Mashups in Germany next week (Hamburg and Berlin)

A gentle reminder: next week, there will be two more stops of the MySQL Meetup Mashup Tour:

  • Monday, April 7th, 19:00: Hamburg, Germany. We will meet in the meeting rooms of the local Sun Microsystems offices ( Nagelsweg 55, 22097 Hamburg). There will be two technical sessions: Giuseppe will talk about the MySQL Sandbox, Kay Koll will give a presentation about how to combine MySQL with He will also describe the new report generator and give an overview over the future of OpenOffice. You can register for this event via or
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Going to the Sun/MySQL Meetup Mashup in Munich this Friday

As Kaj already pointed out, the Sun/MySQL Meetup Mashup Tour will also make a stop in Munich, Germany this Friday. I will be there as well, we will meet at 14:00 at the Hilton Munich Park Hotel. Kaj and some other Sun people will join us a bit later. If you are in the area, make sure to stop by!

By the way, the Meetup Mashup Tour will make at least one more stop in Germany - I am organizing an event in Hamburg, Germany which will take place on Monday, April 7th (19:00). This was initially planned as another regular MySQL Meetup, but I offered to expand the scope a bit. We will now meet at the Sun offices, Sun will sponsor some food and drinks! In addition to …

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Visiting CeBit (Hannover, Germany) this Thursday

I have not been at CeBit for quite a while, but this year I will be there as a regular visitor this Thursday (6th of March). If you would like to meet with me, please send me an email or ping me via IM/Skype! I look forward to walking around the hallways, visiting my new employer's booth and finding out what other Open Source presences and activities there will be.


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