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Re: Giuseppe?s Talk

Yesterday, at the meeting with Marten Mickos and the Italian Team of SUN | MySQL in Rome, Giuseppe had a talk about the MySQL® Community.

If you are a newbie and you want to learn more about the fabulous MySQL® Community, please check this page the next week for his presentation!

Yo, don’t forget the MySQL® Magazine Survey:

  1. proposal:
  2. update:
  3. take it now: …
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Back home after the meeting in Rome with Marten Mickos

Great conference yesterday at “La Sapienza” University in Rome with Marten Mickos and the Italian Team of Sun | MySQL.

I’ve just returned in Triest, my hometown, after 8 hours :( train ride.

Slides should be available the next week, here.

Marten, thank you for coming, I hope to see you in Italy once again!

Coming to Rome - May 30 2008

I will be in Rome on May 30 to attend the meeting with Marten Mickos.
Giuseppe has posted a translation of the official announcement of the event, here.

I will be there as a member of the Community and as CTO of HoneySoftware (an Italian ISV, MySQL® Enterprise Ready Partner).

I am wondering if there will be also a meeting in the morning with customers (as Giuseppe posted) or not: the official agenda starts only at 4:30 pm.

See you there!

Hello Planet MySQL®!

This is my first post on Planet MySQL® (a feed aggregator for blogs, news and opinions on MySQL®).

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Hit Ratios for MySQL® Server Monitoring: a SQL Script

information_schema.global_variables and information_schema.global_status are two useful tables for getting information on the MySQL® server configuration and status. They have been introduced in MySQL® version 5.1.

You know that some status variables are ‘raw’ and they need a little manipulation to bring a kind of useful information. For example, let’s consider the variable BYTES_RECEIVED (i.e. the number of bytes received from all clients).

If you just select that variable you don’t have a useful information, but if you calculate the ratio ‘Bytes Received per Second’


you have a more interesting value and you can see how this value is changing over time.

I’ve created a SQL Script that can help you calculate many interesting Hit Ratios and Derived Performance Metrics and I am posting it here so that you can have and idea on what ratios you can calculate to …

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It seem that Bug #29768 has been fixed with version 5.1.24-rc

On July 12 2007 I posted Bug #29768 - ‘ALTER EVENT .. RENAME TO .. drops the event if event_scheduler is ON’ - for MySQL® 5.1.20-beta and Miguel verified it one hour after my post with MySQL® 5.1.21-beta.

Some months later, on Oct 19 2007, Damien cannot reproduce that bug with the latest versions 5.1.23-rc and 5.2.6-alpha, but unfortunately I was still able to reproduce it with version 5.1.23-rc, as I posted on Feb 16 2008.

Now it seem that I can’t reproduce it with the new 5.1.24-rc. Maybe it has been fixed by fixing other bugs. The problem is that I am still able to reproduce it with version 6.0.4-alpha.

Just to summarize:
5.1.23-rc - VERIFIED
5.1.24-rc - CAN’T REPEAT
6.0.4-alpha - VERIFIED

What do you think? What about version 6.0.5-alpha?
Here’s the exact Script for reproducing it with old …

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Re: Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2008-04-25

Hakan Küçükyilmaz has just posted a new article  about the Falcon Engine.

There he explains that the Falcon Team at MySQL AB has added this week six new tests to the Falcon test suite and he reports (as usual) a time-trend chart of failed and passed Falcon tests.

I have calculated the ratio failed/passed tests and we can see that it is improving:

9%    |  (17:190)  |  207 tests in total  |  the last week
10%  |  (19:182)  |  201 tests in total  |  two weeks ago

Of course the ideal ratio is 0% i.e. 0 test failed.

In that post Hakan was wondering where and how Users use the Falcon Engine, what features they like/not like or want to see in it. Also he solicited Users for testing Falcon and reporting Bugs …

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My first MySQL® !Bg

After 15 consecutive verified bugs, today I got my first “Not a Bug” (#36141).

Wow - I Don’t know exactly how should I feel.. Maybe it’s time for a holiday!
Consolation: Just errors of youth ;-)

The other important news of the day is the following. With the chart ‘Falcon Cache Hit Ratio’ (thank you Robin for your always interesting articles) I have finished the performance reports to be included in the new MySQL® Performance Tuning Monitor I am developing.

I was not sure whether to add a Falcon Tab in the Performance Tuning Monitor or not, but that article has convinced me. I had already added a Maria Tab.

If I am not mistaken, the ‘Falcon Cache Hit …

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