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HoneyMonitor v.1.0.14-alpha - New Features Preview

The second public alpha version (1.0.14-alpha) of HoneyMonitor Audit Pro - the Edition of the HoneySoftware’s GUI for MySQL™ mainly oriented to Server Administration, Monitoring and Tuning - will be released soon.

In this article I’ll try to describe the new features implemented and the most important bugs fix of this version.

You will find the complete list of bugs fix and improvements in a next post - when we will release v.1.0.14-alpha - and in the Release Notes File included in the build.

Your questions, enhancement requests and comments are welcome.


A. New Features

1. Audit System
1.0. Introduction
1.1. Replication
1.1.1. STMT - New connection Option
1.2. Support for the Maria Engine
1.3. Other bugs fix

2. Performance Reports
2.0. Introduction
2.1. Custom Reports
2.2. Report Templates

3. Other …

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Re: Weekly Falcon Test Overview 2008-04-25

Hakan Küçükyilmaz has just posted a new article  about the Falcon Engine.

There he explains that the Falcon Team at MySQL AB has added this week six new tests to the Falcon test suite and he reports (as usual) a time-trend chart of failed and passed Falcon tests.

I have calculated the ratio failed/passed tests and we can see that it is improving:

9%    |  (17:190)  |  207 tests in total  |  the last week
10%  |  (19:182)  |  201 tests in total  |  two weeks ago

Of course the ideal ratio is 0% i.e. 0 test failed.

In that post Hakan was wondering where and how Users use the Falcon Engine, what features they like/not like or want to see in it. Also he solicited Users for testing Falcon and reporting Bugs …

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