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Monitoring To Success

The mantra of the day is – performance, performance, performance! It is clear that everything needs to be totally available all of the time, function at the fastest speeds and performance as close to perfect as is possible. In all the business discussions swirling around us we hear the words; application performance, website performance, transaction performance, server performance and on and on in regards to virtually everything digital that we live and breath with. Performance is no longer just one of the items we need to be paying attention to, it is THE item we need to be critically aware of every minute of every day! No longer are the words “it’s good enough” acceptable. The impacts to business can be catastrophic if the digital performance of your business is not at the highest levels. So the question we are all challenged with is how can we be sure that the performance levels we need are actually what we are …

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Hit Ratios for MySQL® Server Monitoring: a SQL Script

information_schema.global_variables and information_schema.global_status are two useful tables for getting information on the MySQL® server configuration and status. They have been introduced in MySQL® version 5.1.

You know that some status variables are ‘raw’ and they need a little manipulation to bring a kind of useful information. For example, let’s consider the variable BYTES_RECEIVED (i.e. the number of bytes received from all clients).

If you just select that variable you don’t have a useful information, but if you calculate the ratio ‘Bytes Received per Second’


you have a more interesting value and you can see how this value is changing over time.

I’ve created a SQL Script that can help you calculate many interesting Hit Ratios and Derived Performance Metrics and I am posting it here so that you can have and idea on what ratios you can calculate to …

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