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It seem that Bug #29768 has been fixed with version 5.1.24-rc

On July 12 2007 I posted Bug #29768 - ‘ALTER EVENT .. RENAME TO .. drops the event if event_scheduler is ON’ - for MySQL® 5.1.20-beta and Miguel verified it one hour after my post with MySQL® 5.1.21-beta.

Some months later, on Oct 19 2007, Damien cannot reproduce that bug with the latest versions 5.1.23-rc and 5.2.6-alpha, but unfortunately I was still able to reproduce it with version 5.1.23-rc, as I posted on Feb 16 2008.

Now it seem that I can’t reproduce it with the new 5.1.24-rc. Maybe it has been fixed by fixing other bugs. The problem is that I am still able to reproduce it with version 6.0.4-alpha.

Just to summarize:
5.1.23-rc - VERIFIED
5.1.24-rc - CAN’T REPEAT
6.0.4-alpha - VERIFIED

What do you think? What about version 6.0.5-alpha?
Here’s the exact Script for reproducing it with old …

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