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The database hacker glossary and other (funny) stories
Every year, MySQL engineers gather together for the developers meeting. It's the time of the highest productivity and fun at the same time. It starts usually by performing an old play, Guess who I am, featuring 100 employees who know each other by name but not by face. At every new entrance, a flurry of introductions is acknowledged and promptly forgotten, leaving the unfamiliar faces deprived of the familiar names. So a few minutes later the same people run around each other again, staring nonchalantly at the name tags, trying to avoid a gaffe. Despite the fierce fight for a name, nobody gets hurt, and in the end the leading actors and support roles go back to the script of exchanging geeky thoughts in person, as confidently as if they were doing that through the IRC.
During these meetings, the following glossary was developed. Its origins …
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