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Do as the Swedish Police: Save money on Open Source!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Per-Ola Sjöswärd, executive IT strategist at the Swedish National Police. That organisation is already way ahead of most of us when it comes to Open Source adoption. But they have higher ambitions still.

The Rikspolisstyrelsen logotype is on many Sun slides, as an example of an “Enterprise 2.0″ type MySQL customer. Besides sounding cool, the ”Enterprise 2.0″ name is supposed to portray what all the organisations in that group have in common: They’re generic enterprises in any industry, and they use the same internal IT architecture as Web 2.0 companies use externally.

The Swedish Police, to be specific, doesn’t use just Web apps internally. But still, we’re talking about a 70% share. The other 30% are based on the Java Swing architecture, so it’s still …

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Speaking at next09 conference in Hamburg, Germany (May 5 & 6)

Shortly after I blogged about my upcoming talks and events, I got informed that one of my session proposals for the next09 conference was accepted. This event will take place in Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday and Wednesday (5th and 6th of May), so at least there isn't much travel involved.

My talk about "Working for a Virtual Company: How we do it at MySQL" has been scheduled for 9:00 am on Wednesday morning, parallel to a keynote by Brian Solis from FutureWorks. I'm not sure how many people will actually show up, but I look forward to giving a talk about a less …

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My upcoming talks and events

My calendar for the upcoming months is already filling up with conferences, trade fairs and other events at which I'll speak about MySQL. Here's a quick overview:

  • This coming Thursday at 15:00 CET, I'll be speaking about "Backing up MySQL using file system snapshots" at the MySQL University. The session will be hosted live using DimDim, which is a great online conferencing and presentation system (Flash required). Attendance is free, so come and join me if you want to learn more about this backup technique!
  • On Friday, 6th of March at 15:15 I'll give a presentation about "MySQL Backup and Security" in the …
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The Baden-Württemberg Brief
  • Two days in Frankfurt, two days in Munderkingen and two days in Heidelberg between December 5th and 17th. Mostly just ordinary working and travel days.
  • Visited Sandro Groganz of Init Marketing in Munderkingen. Worked from Sandro's house after a nice dinner on Sunday.
  • Caught up with (and was interviewed by) Rory MacDonald of Init Marketing while he was vacationing near Ulm. The interview was focused on Mozilla and should go online in the new year on
  • Visited Georg Richter of …
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Back from Ukraine and Russia

Now being back from last week’s trip to Ukraine and this week’s trip to Russia, it’s time for an overview.

MySQL was prominently present at both Sun events, the one in Kiev on 26.11.2008 and the one in Moscow last Tuesday 2.12.2008. It was good to discuss with local Sun guys, and to meet MySQL community people and colleagues in both places.

The two first pictures in this post are from the community event at a university of economy in Moscow.

Like elsewhere, I started in the local language (which, perhaps surprisingly, frequently seems to be Russian also in Ukraine), followed by a “MySQL in the Web Economy” presentation in English.

Russia and Ukraine are interesting places, so I …

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Freedom to work anywhere

You remember our slogan “Freedom to work anywhere“, meaning that MySQL doesn’t require you to relocate to Uppsala, Cupertino, München or anywhere, to join the company? And that you sometimes can work even far away from home? Sun continued this policy, more or less. Now, Dups is taking the policy to extremes.

Background: As a colleague and fellow mountaineer, I had heard of Dups wanting to do some mountaineering in the Andes well before hearing that he would want to join the Community Team. And hence, it was an easy thing for Dups to convince …

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Dopplr: Joining the Social Network for Travellers

MySQL powers many of the social networks of Web 2.0. While it’s great that we constitute one of the tools of Web 2.0, we should also ourselves utilise the tools Web 2.0 provides for social networking. Comparing myself to colleagues, I feel like a slow follower in this discipline. “Everybody else” is already on Twitter, has hundreds and hundreds of contacts on LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook, puts their pics on Picasa and Flickr, bookmarks their pages on, and has fancy blogs that are registered everywhere. Myself, I have been half-heartedly entering contacts into LinkedIn, I have mismanaged my …

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South Africa, a country on track for both growth and happiness

Not everything is going the wrong way on our planet. There are things that are changing for the better! And one of them is South Africa. Just back from a three-day MySQL related trip to Johannesburg and Pretoria, I saw a lot of well-founded hope around me. The hope is related to less crime, less racial tension, and more economic growth. I share the positive vibes and think they’re founded in reality.

I was in South Africa for the yearly Sun partner event in “Sub-Saharan Africa” or SSA for short. SSA is one of the fastest-growing regions within what is known as “Emerging Markets”, which in itself grows faster than Europe, North America or Asia Pacific. And partners are extremely important, as Sun uses solely indirect sales in the region.

I was so impressed by what I saw that I wrote nine blog …

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Now I’m blogging in Russian, too!

To understand a bit of Italian, I just need a comparatively small amount of vino bianco. By contrast, to get any information flow going at all in Russian requires larger amounts of … preparation. That doesn’t have to be vodka, it can also be interesting discussions with Russians, or the opportunity to give a speech.

Now, a blog is the scalable way to interact with the rest of humanity, and I’m trying to increase my fluency in all things Web 2.0. So, here goes, may I present my Russian blog:

Like in the case of presenting my Italian blog, let me quote Google Translate’s automatic translation of some of my “writings” — deliberately doing so without making any improvements on the automatic translation:

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I’m blogging in Italian!

Given that I don’t speak Italian, it may seem a bit strange that I just started an Italian language blog on

But I do have a point with my blog. Let me quote Google Translate’s automatic translation of some of my “writings” — deliberately doing so without making any improvements on the automatic translation:

Why this blog?

“Of all the languages that I do not speak, I speak Italian the best.”

This is my motto when it comes to speaking Italian. Moreover, Italy is my favorite …

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