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Do as the Swedish Police: Save money on Open Source!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Per-Ola Sjöswärd, executive IT strategist at the Swedish National Police. That organisation is already way ahead of most of us when it comes to Open Source adoption. But they have higher ambitions still.

The Rikspolisstyrelsen logotype is on many Sun slides, as an example of an “Enterprise 2.0″ type MySQL customer. Besides sounding cool, the ”Enterprise 2.0″ name is supposed to portray what all the organisations in that group have in common: They’re generic enterprises in any industry, and they use the same internal IT architecture as Web 2.0 companies use externally.

The Swedish Police, to be specific, doesn’t use just Web apps internally. But still, we’re talking about a 70% share. The other 30% are based on the Java Swing architecture, so it’s still …

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Open source tour of Europe: Sweden

To coincide with EURO 2008, I’m embarking on a virtual European tour, taking a quick look at open source policies and deployment projects in the 16 nations that are competing in the tournament.

Sweden crashed out of EURO 2008 last night a Russia qualified for the knockout stages with a well-deserved 2-0 win. As home to MySQL Sweden might be expected to be one of the more progressive adopters of open source but while there is significant interest, details of deployment projects are relatively hard to find.

Key policies:
The Swedish Agency for Public Management?s 2003 …

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Saving 300,000 kronor a Year with GlassFish

Computer Sweden has a couple of nice article on OpenSource, GlassFish and MySQL.

The first CS Article covers the trend in IT software spending, specifically in the AppServer market, using GlassFish as an example of both Open Source momentum and Sun's success in that market.

The article has an interview with the chief architect of Net Entertainment's ( …

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Houses In Motion (I)

Hej hej from Stockholm where I arrived about two weeks ago for a fun-filled two four six weeks of meetings and face-to-face contact with the MySQL Cluster developers. And the chance to check things out when it’s not 2°C and raining, all the time, as it was when I was here in November and December of 2005. (This week, it’s 12°C and kind of misty.)

The last five or six weeks have been pretty hectic, and this evening (it’s just after 10 PM local time as I write this) represents the first time in that span that I’ve actually had time that’s not been planned out for me in one way or another. At the end of April, I moved out of my place in Brisbane and stuffed all my gear into storage in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, where I rented a post office box that now constitutes my sole legal address for the duration.

That last sentence is actually …

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