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The London Meetup Group and my wishes for MySQL Proxy

There is a big event for the London Meetup Group coming up next week. We will all meet on Wednesday 5 March @ 7pm
The location: The Lamb
4 Lambs Conduit St

We will have a very special guest: Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL (now in his new role, due to the Sun acquisition). Marten will join us and he will be happy to answer to questions, to share opinions and spend some good time with MySQL Brits users in front of a nice drink (no surprise which one will be the best seller :) ).

From a technical point of you, I have prepared a short presentation on MySQL Proxy, with a basic intro on the project and with some ideas on how to use it and what to expect from a production version. The slides will be uploaded after the venue.

As usual, I am open to suggestions and topics to …

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Navigating categories within my blog

With 130 entries in the “MySQL” category and no MySQL-related subcategories, my blog had become impossible to search and navigate easily.

And thus I created a number of new categories for the MySQL entries within my blog. They’re listed in the left navigation bar, below the months, as well as below:

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Lua lessons at MySQL University ? for MySQL Proxy

Giuseppe Maxia teased me last week to see whether I could decipher the notice on the Italian web site Punto Informatico about “MySQL University, lezione gratuita su Lua“.

It’s about Giuseppe teaching MySQL University attendees (for free as in both beer and speech) on the Lua scripting language. The MySQL reason to learn Lua is to do scripting in MySQL Proxy. Don’t worry, the MySQL University session is in English, not Italian, and Giuseppe has deciphered the Italian himself in his blog.

You can attend MySQL University virtually with slides in PDF and Wiki, audio …

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Combining MySQL Proxy with MySQL Cluster

A while ago, I had a discussion with Stewart Smith, Vinay Joosery, Monty Taylor and a number of other MySQLers who know much more about MySQL Cluster than I do. The result is a model for using MySQL Proxy to offload MySQL Cluster from doing Table Scans, without touching the application.

The discussion started from me asking Stewart about the largest road block for expanding the number of use cases for MySQL Cluster. “Oh, that would probably be doing JOINs and other SELECTs requiring the scanning of large parts of the database”, he replied. “There, other storage engines are faster, such as MyISAM and InnoDB.”

In a very simple view, the application talks SQL with MySQL Cluster, and gets responses.

Stewart’s insight can be refined into the first simplistic diagram by adding the recognition that “SQL” can consist of

  1. UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE statements (very light, usually …
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Maatkit on Ohloh

Sheeri wrote a post (now a 404 error) referring to Maatkit on Ohloh, which I have never heard of before. I took a look at what Ohloh thinks about Maatkit. It's kind of neat. Beyond just the obvious "social website" stuff that's all the rage these days, it actually looks at the project's SVN history, analyzes the codebase, and so on.

It also estimates 8 person-years of work have gone into the project, and says that at $55,000/year it would cost $450,702 to write the code as it currently exists, which is kind of funny. It took me a whole lot less than 8 years to write. (Perhaps this is why that salary strikes me as unrealistic).

It has a couple of other interesting things, like a visual timeline of source …

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MySQL NY Meetup Presentation

Tonight I spoke at the NY MySQL Meetup. The topic “Practical Performance Tips & Tricks” was a full packed 1 hour session, with 4 x 15 minute sections on Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and MySQL Proxy. The goal to hopefully cover content for different level of attendees. This meeting followed up the large turnout from last month’s meeting with at least 35 people. Thanks again to Logicworks for sponsoring the night and providing the beer and food, especially to adjust for the late arriving presenter.

My Slides are download able in PDF format here.

Some additional links that were discussed during the meeting for reference included.

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MySQL Proxy. Playing with the tutorials

I was playing with the 5 sample tutorial Lua scripts available here with the MySQL Proxy, but I was doing something a little inefficiently.

I started mysqld, then I started the MySQL Proxy with the lua script, then connected to MySQL via the proxy. To test a different script I was actually killing the MySQL Proxy and restarting with appropriate script, but this is unnecessary. MySQL Proxy will re-read the lua script, as specified with –proxy-lua-script on new connection. All I need to do is copy in the file in question and get a new mysql client connection.

The tech version of the right way:

$ cp tutorial-basic.lua running.lua
$ ./mysql-proxy --proxy-lua-script=running.lua &
$ mysql -uusr -p -P4040 -h127.0.0.1
mysql> # do my stuff
mysql> exit;
$ cp …
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Got MySQL Proxy yet!

If you haven’t got MySQL Proxy yet, then stop and get it now. Jan announced the release a few days ago of this new product offering from MySQL.

I first heard about MySQL Proxy at the recent MySQL Conference 2007 and actually used it a few weeks later to help address slow running queries during benchmarking with a granularity of milliseconds — Wow. The product has grown immensely since then and I’ve watched in true amazement at the speed of development by Jan, who I only found out recently was the creator of …

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Top 5 wishes for MySQL

Note: My views are just that: mine.

1. Real time Query Monitoring

MySQL 5.0 GA provides only 3 ways to look at queries that are executed on a server in some way or another. Slow Query Log, General Query Log and Binary Log. All require a server reboot to activate and de-activate. In a production system, it’s sometimes critical to be able to know “what is going on”, and you simply can’t reboot the server twice (once to turn on, once to turn off). 5.1 goes some way with Log Tables to being able to turn on General and Slow Logs into tables. Question is, as Kevin Burton listed in his points, when is 5.1 going to be out.

Real time query monitoring also needs to have a granularity of operation better then “server”. There needs to be a capacity to assign this on per connection basis. A server is being hammered, …

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