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MySQL 5.1 is GA — including a behind-the-scenes report

I suspect that few of the readers of my blog have missed it, but MySQL 5.1 is GA. And I suspect it was no surprise to my readers, nor those of Giuseppe, the Community Team Lead. Nor those who read Sheeri’s blog, with the picture of Dups unmistakably setting GA date expectations at the OpenSQL Camp a number of weeks ago.

In addition to our communication, there has been some, ehmm, complementary communication on MySQL 5.1 …

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MySQL 5.1 release schedule

With the delivery of MySQL 5.1 GA, our release policy sees a couple of changes in relation to that of MySQL 5.0.

First, initially we will deliver both MySQL Enterprise Server and MySQL Community Server in parallel. The bug fixes to the initial MySQL 5.1 GA releases will thus be delivered also in binary form for both MySQL Community Server and MySQL Enterprise Server.

Second, after a period of time, we will revert to the different release schedule for MySQL Enterprise Server and MySQL Community Server that we have been using. MySQL Enterprise Server will have more frequent binary releases. However, at this point, we do not have an exact date or a release number, when the first Enterprise only release will happen.

Third, we have done away with odd and even numbering. Whenever MySQL …

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Federated Storage Engine: Disabled by default in MySQL 5.1.26, use with care

This blog entry is about a specific storage engine in MySQL. The Federated storage engine enables data to be accessed from a remote MySQL database on a local server without using replication or cluster technology. When using a Federated table, queries on the local server are automatically executed on the remote (federated) tables. No data is stored on the local tables.

When we released MySQL 5.1.24, the Federated engine was not compiled in, pending decisions on our future steps. The reason for the removal was that we realised (albeit quite late in the game) that Federated has some bugs that expose the server to unnecessary risks. Fixing these bugs is a time consuming process, because the root cause lies in the design of the Federated engine.

The removal was a safety precaution, which made the server more secure. However, it also deprived some users of an engine that they had been using for some time (Federated was …

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Ubuntu and MySQL: Getting closer?

Last week in Prague, I met with Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for version 8.10.

myself, Mark Shuttleworth, Arseniy Kuznetsov (Sun, NetBeans), Matt Zimmermann (Canonical CTO)

As you would expect, we discussed Canonical’s and MySQL’s offerings to the market. And we pondered on possibilities for joint customers to have the best of both worlds: Wouldn’t it be great if MySQL users on Ubuntu could get the “best bits” from MySQL through the software delivery mechanisms of Ubuntu?

Mark drew the above picture on a piece of paper (which I used Omni Graffle to capture in .png form), and we decided to explore how the “curved orange” part of the customer experience could be improved.

MySQL Cluster?s Improved Release Model

The upcoming 5.1.25 release will see a change with regards to MySQL Cluster:

MySQL 5.1.25 binaries will be released without Cluster support.

This is due to a change in the development cycle of MySQL Cluster. The work on Cluster specific features is largely independent from the rest of the MySQL Server, which has resulted in our decision to release MySQL Cluster separately from the rest of the MySQL Server, effective with MySQL 5.1.25.

This change just goes for the binaries, though. Let me reassure you that:

  • Sun is still releasing MySQL Cluster under the GPL, as before.
  • MySQL 5.1 source code will still include Cluster, and you can download and compile it with …
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Navigating categories within my blog

With 130 entries in the “MySQL” category and no MySQL-related subcategories, my blog had become impossible to search and navigate easily.

And thus I created a number of new categories for the MySQL entries within my blog. They’re listed in the left navigation bar, below the months, as well as below:

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Falcon and other Feature Previews

MySQL has introduced Previews as a new way of delivering features for early testing by our community.

Previews are for testing of features, not of versions. The two previews we offer today are the Falcon Feature Preview based on 6.0, and the GIS Feature Preview based on 5.1. However, the version number as such is not intended by us to set any expectations on when the feature will be in a production version. For instance, Falcon is going into the 6.0 code base, but the GIS geographical data won’t be in before 6.1 (although the preview is based on 5.1).

Previews are by definition a bit “rough around the edges”. …

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New Maatkit release policy

Download Maatkit

Maatkit (formerly MySQL Toolkit) has for some time been released both as a bundle, and as individual tools. It's too much work to maintain the individual packages, and I don't think it really benefits anyone much, if at all. While the tools will still be versioned separately, I'm going to discontinue releases of the individual packages, and just release the one uber-package from now on.

This will also make it easier for me to manage the name change, but that's just an extra incentive; I've been considering this for a while.

By the way, Sourceforge indicated it would take up to a couple of days to finish the project's rename, but it took only a few minutes. Lots of broken links; I've asked for a permanent redirect from the old URLs to the new.

Release Criteria: Aligning official documentation with reality

First of all: Thank you for your positive feedback on the MySQL 5.1 Errata Sheet!

While I never doubted that publishing the 5.1 Errata Sheet was the right thing to do, I had expected a more mixed feedback. It turned out the feedback was very grateful. So thank you for your encouragement

  • Kevin Burton for commenting in Jay’s blog

    “This was a big win guys. Good work.We were going to deploy 5.1.x in out or production slave configurations just to test the reliability but this give us a lot more confidence in this release.”

  • Baron Schwartz for commenting in …
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