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SeaTools for DOS v1.0PH – Overtemp–253

I was running a hard drive diagnostic using SeaTools for DOS v1.09PH on two exactly the same Maxtor hard drives, see details of the drives below. When I attempted to run a quick scan and then a long scan it received a warning “Overtemp–253″. After doing some research I have come to the conclusion that with certainty that this doesn’t mean the hard drive is running at 253 degrees Fahrenheit. My two drives are well ventilated and do not even feel warm to the touch. In fact this message apparently means according to Seagate that the hard drive does not support SeaTools reading temperatures.

  • Brand: Maxtor
  • Model: 6Y060L0
  • FW: YAR41BW0

Source: Incorrect temperature values for a Maxtor disk

An Interesting Replication Tip

We recently moved some databases to different servers, and I altered our mySQL slave configuration files to take into account some of the databases we wanted to replicate (Replicate-do-db) and others that we wanted to ignore (Replicate-ignore-db) -- each of these server cases were mutually exclusive.All went well, until I found a peculiar error:Error 'Table 'db101.table101' doesn't exist' on

Oracle is Not Compatible with Oracle

Just a short blog entry about a funny error message I’ve got while trying to activate a physical standby database: SQL> alter database recover managed standby database finish skip standby logfile; alter database recover managed standby database finish skip standby logfile * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors ORA-01110: data file 1: '/oradata/stage/datafile/system_01.dbf' ORA-01122: database file 1 [...]

PHP Calendar Functions Error

I was trying to use the PHP calendar API and immediately received this error message, “Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month()”. This error message means PHP was not compiled with the calendar extension.


The only solution to this error message and other similar error messages relating to the PHP calendar API requires PHP to be compiled with the calendar extension by adding “–enable-calendar” to the “configure command” as stated in the PHP documentation on the Calendar functions page.

How to Tell if the Calendar Extension is Installed

You can verify weather or not the PHP Calendar extension was compiled at install by using the phpinfo() function. When viewing the output of phpinfo() look under “Configure Command” just below “Build Date” and if you do not see “–enable-calendar” present then all PHP …

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Stupid PHP Error

Dear Future self,

The next time you run into PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_Error::query() and you are pretty sure all the correct libraries are installed , check if you can connect to the database with the username / password you have configured. Just as today you might have migrated to a new mysql server and forgotten to update the connection string.

thank you for your attention.

The invisible I/O thread failures are no more

To get the status of the replication slave, it is possible to check the Last_Error and Last_Errno fields from SHOW SLAVE STATUS. Unfortunately, they only give information about the status of the SQL thread (and not always that either). If the I/O thread fails, for example, because the server configuration is not correctly set up, or if the connection to the master is lost due to a network outage, it is necessary to dig through the error log to find out the reason. This might be possible, although annoying, for a DBA to do since he has access to the files on the machine where the server is running, but when using automatic recovery applications that watch the status of the replication, this is not practical. It is also easier to see the status of the server through a normal client connection, …

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