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SeaTools for DOS v1.0PH – Overtemp–253

I was running a hard drive diagnostic using SeaTools for DOS v1.09PH on two exactly the same Maxtor hard drives, see details of the drives below. When I attempted to run a quick scan and then a long scan it received a warning “Overtemp–253″. After doing some research I have come to the conclusion that with certainty that this doesn’t mean the hard drive is running at 253 degrees Fahrenheit. My two drives are well ventilated and do not even feel warm to the touch. In fact this message apparently means according to Seagate that the hard drive does not support SeaTools reading temperatures.

  • Brand: Maxtor
  • Model: 6Y060L0
  • FW: YAR41BW0

Source: Incorrect temperature values for a Maxtor disk

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