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The Open Source Events Calendar

Kudos to Lenz, who, acting on an idea launched by Ronald Bradford some time ago, has put together a comprehensive calendar of open source events. Most of them are somehow related to the MySQL ecosystem, but there is no limitation to what the calendar contains.
Here is the announcement, with the instructions to use and contribute to the calendar.

In addition to informing you about the events, this calendar does also tell you when a …

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MySQL / Open Source Event Calendar

The MySQL Community Team maintains a calendar to keep track of Open Source events and conferences that might be relevant from a MySQL point of view (either by submitting a talk, sponsoring or attending it). This calendar is now public - you can either look at the HTML version on the MySQL Forge or subscribe to the iCal feed (e.g. using Mozilla Sunbird or Lightning).

Are we missing an event? If you know any other events that should be included in this calendar, please submit your suggestions via this …

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Calendar of Open Source, IT, Industry-specific Events

InitMarketing has made its calendar of world-wide conferences and trade fairs related to Free and Open Source Software, IT and specific industries available to the public.

It currently includes 122 events in 17 countries taking place in 2009. 43 of them in Germany, 69 in USA. We use this calendar when planing events for our customers, thus we’ll regularly update it. Please let us know of any events which are not on our radar yet by commenting to my blog or commenting at the bottom of the events page.

PHP Calendar Functions Error

I was trying to use the PHP calendar API and immediately received this error message, “Fatal error: Call to undefined function cal_days_in_month()”. This error message means PHP was not compiled with the calendar extension.


The only solution to this error message and other similar error messages relating to the PHP calendar API requires PHP to be compiled with the calendar extension by adding “–enable-calendar” to the “configure command” as stated in the PHP documentation on the Calendar functions page.

How to Tell if the Calendar Extension is Installed

You can verify weather or not the PHP Calendar extension was compiled at install by using the phpinfo() function. When viewing the output of phpinfo() look under “Configure Command” just below “Build Date” and if you do not see “–enable-calendar” present then all PHP …

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